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taking seeds from ditch weed and growing them

Indeed, ditch weed was cultivated in many parts of the Midwest in the early to mid-20 th century. It proved especially useful during World War II as it helped create materials to support the war effort. Ditch weed is exceptionally tough and disperses its seeds across a large area. These seeds can lie dormant for up to a decade before sprouting!

The obvious answer seems to be ‘yes’ since it is descended from industrial hemp and is very low in THC. The Farm Bill means that it is legal to grow industrial hemp anywhere in the United States. However, there appears to be no clear definition which means it is possible to be arrested if caught in possession of ditch weed.

Weed in the Wild

It is very tall in relation to surrounding plants and also varies significantly in color and shape. Feral weed plants can grow up to nine feet tall and its emerald-green color, coupled with its Christmas tree shape, means it can be spotted from miles away.

If you believe the days of crap cannabis are gone, you are mistaken! There is still plenty of bad weed around even though states where pot is legal recreationally, have a surplus of the good stuff. One form of low-grade cannabis that you definitely won’t find in a dispensary is ditch weed, and the name helps explain what it is.

This is especially the case in states such as Kansas, Iowa, and Nebraska where marijuana is still illegal. It is also a fact that local police in small towns watch out for individuals who try to fill up a vehicle with what they think is a free goldmine. You may ultimately escape without a criminal conviction, but you are all but guaranteed an uncomfortable afternoon at the police station.

This year, state police have received between a dozen and 20 calls related the finding or picking of ditch weed throughout the area, the official said.

“You can eradicate ditch weed as well as you can eradicate dandelion,” said Capt. David Bursten, an Indiana State Police spokesman.

But not all property owners see the wild plants as a major issue.

“It is a lower grade, but it can be well tended, so it can be increased a little bit, and individuals partaking in that conduct could use it to, you know, split a good product into an average product and double their quantities.”

“We know they’re going to come in there, we know they’re going to cut some, but we’re not here to play police — we’re just farmers,” he said. “They’re not hurting anything, and we don’t worry about it too much.”

The ditch weed has a very low level of the psychoactive chemical THC compared with cultivated pot, but some dealers have combined it with more potent marijuana to increase their profit margins, the state police official said.

Police and local officials have taken measures over the years to get rid of the so-called “ditch weed” when it makes its annual appearance, but in many areas the plants are as rampant as ever, sometimes growing eight to 10 feet tall.