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Super Silver delivers generous crops of dense, resinous and elongated buds. In fact, she can provide up to 500 g/m 2 indoors and some 400 g/plant outdoors. The crops are excellent in terms of quality and quantity: off-the-charts marijuana buds sought-after by Sativa connoisseurs.

Perfect for: Quality-conscious cannabis growers in love with Sativa strains.

Characteristics of
Super Silver cannabis seeds

Super Silver showcases clear and intense tastes and aromas of lemon, pine, cedarwood, incense and spices. She’s inherited the organoleptic qualities of her predecessors and she’s mixed them to create a rich and magical combination.

Super Silver welcomes any kind of attention. Given her extremely vigorous growth, she’s best grown outdoors, where using guerrilla methods or doing so under the protection of the greenhouse is highly advisable. If it’s not possible, the flowering phase must be induced after just two weeks of vegetative growth and remember that SCROG would be a great choice for indoor growing.

Super Silver is one of those marijuana strains that right from the very beginning boast their Sativa genetics. One only has to look at her structure, her greediness and her yield to realise she is indeed a proud Sativa. At Dinafem Seeds, we knew for sure this feminised seed would become a champ, a safe bet for worldwide growers who love sturdy and moisture-resistant Sativa strains. Her success resides in the convergence of Haze, Skunk and Northern Lights genetics, a gathering of top cannabis giants that our team of breeders managed to stabilise and masterfully backcross.

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The Super Value Pack includes 10 seeds of each variety of White Widow, Ice and Crystal which are all very high in THC. This value pack is only £55 GBP ($81 USD) for 30 seeds saving you £28 GBP ($41 USD) on the individual prices. Each variety is labelled so you know which is which. An excellent way to try three truly great strains at a very sensible price.

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