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super potent weed seeds

This leads to thirsty and stressed plants, impairing your plants’ progress and increasing your plant’s defense mechanisms. Cannabis buds are covered with a resinous layer that protects them against cold and wet weather. Therefore, when you decrease humidity levels, your buds are forced to produce more resin, thus increasing THC levels in your growing buds.

Hellfire OG is a potent California hybrid strain. It was created by crossing Rascal’s OG Kush with SFV OG Kush. It is among the highest THC strains as its content ranges between 28 and 30 %, making it perfect for cannabis veterans and those looking for chronic pain relief.

Benefits of Increasing THC Levels in Your Highest THC Strains

When you cultivate highest THC strains, your harvesting time plays a crucial role in determining the level of THC. If you harvest your buds too early, you run the risk of having lower yields, and the THC concentration will also be affected.

These high THC seeds are also referred to as WiFi OG or Simply WiFi. It is a Sativa-dominant hybrid cannabis strain that is popular among users because of its unique aroma and cerebral high. White Fire OG high THC seeds are made by crossing Fire OG with The White. It has dense buds that are barrel-shaped with THC content ranging between 24 and 28%. It is a medium-sized plant whose flowering period lasts 56 ± days.

Although it is not clear that the curing process increases THC levels, it is known that it can enhance the potency of the buds and intensify the effects of THC and other cannabinoids.

Heavy Skunk and acrid fuel aroma with a more subtle sweet citrus after-taste on the exhale

The Super Value Pack includes 10 seeds of each variety of White Widow, Ice and Crystal which are all very high in THC. This value pack is only £55 GBP ($81 USD) for 30 seeds saving you £28 GBP ($41 USD) on the individual prices. Each variety is labelled so you know which is which. An excellent way to try three truly great strains at a very sensible price.

CRYSTAL (10 Marijuana Seeds)
High Life Cup winner ’02 Crystal is a high yielder and very high in THC Easy to grow Like its name, Crystal seeds produce big sticky buds covered in crystals Buzz has a real kick One of our favourite strains of Marijuana seeds

Top Regular Picks

WHITE WIDOW (10 Marijuana Seeds)
Winner of Cannabis Cup ’95 Extremely strong with almost 20% THC Dutch coffeeshop favourite High Yield Massive amounts of white resin Powerful buzz! Arguably the world’s strongest

White Widow
The classic citrus tang this strain is renown for comes through immediately. This is rapidly followed by the deep skunk undertone. A pleasing allrounder.

ICE (10 Marijuana Seeds)
Winner of ’98 Cannabis Cup A new age classic Flowers are intensely covered with white crystals Excellent for hydroponic growing Smoke is sweet Stone is heavy

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