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super auto weed seeds

The Super Auto is a new concept developed by the breeder Stitch. The first varieties consist of pure autoflowering Sativa genetic stabilized crossing it with a rudelaris from the Romanian-Hungarian border. Like others autoflowering strains, the super auto begin their flowering when they reach maturity, regardless of the number of daylight hours. The duration of flowering in these plants may be slightly longer than the rest of autoflowerings, but usually reach 1.5 – 2 meters tall and their yields are higher than 100 grams and can reach 500 in good condition.

Super Auto varieties are normally Sativa dominant, producing buds with the full power of normal plants that will satisfy even the most skeptical farmers. Unlike nearly all Lowryder based crossings, on Super Auto the properties and content of cannabinoids are identical to other non-auto-flowering plants. Stitch 0.1 Variety is the result of two years of work with this particular variety of Rudelaris, base that was used to cross the best Sativa plants and just like this obtain super auto.

Highly productive and low on maintenance, Number One SuperAuto from Flash Auto Seeds perfectly balances power and performance. A real hard grafter, this feminized force crosses Stitch 0.1, White Widow and Nepal. Resulting (quite literally) in the birth of a green giant blessed with high yielding abilities.

An absolute pleasure to smoke, Number One SuperAuto induces a strong but motivational stone. As the high progresses users will start to feel think more creatively and feel far more uplifted. Shared among friends she injects a fun burst of energy and fun into any activity.

Number One SuperAuto (Flash Auto Seeds) feminized

Stretched to the absolute limit, Number One SuperAuto will grow outdoors to a lengthy 3 meters tall (talk about a skyscraper). With that being said, one glance at her abundance yields and you’ll really be jumping for joy. Grown under expert guidance she is able to produce in excess of 700 grams of high quality dry bud. She completes her life cycle within 90-100 days.

A mighty mass producer of super quality crops, Number One SuperAuto presents a promising package sure to appeal to growers of all levels. Although capable of growing indoors, she really hits her stride when grown outdoors. Compared to other autoflowering varieties Number One Super towers above the competition – producing yields totaling as high as 700 grams!

Number One SuperAuto is at the top of the charts for her stellar genetics an awe-inspiring yields. Growers on the hunt for a huge harvest should most definitely look her way.