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subnautica ghost weed seed




Seriously though, holy necro dude. You think this is a BIG necro? It’s not even a year old.

Seriously though, holy necro dude.

The Ghost Weed is a flora species found in deep biomes. The ghost weed is most commonly found in the Lost River but can be found in Blood Kelp Zone and Bulb Zone too. It can be harvested for Ghost Weed Seeds with a knife.

Spoiler alert: The following section contains story related material.


The Ghost Weed boasts a peculiar appearance. It has a green and red bulbous base, followed by two long green stems, each with several small protrusions near the tip and three short red stems, giving off a dull bioluminescent glow.

Grows exclusively in deep waters where its pale pigmentation is visible on the fewest wavelengths.

You can place the spores into the Bioreactor for 140 energy, so it can be quite beneficial for smaller seabases.

This plant can only be found on the Floating Island, and it is super rare for this reason. However, it serves as more of a decoration as its seeds will only give you 70 energy when put into the Bioreactor.

If you want the beautiful purple hues of the Veined Nettle in your seabase then you should head to the Safe Shallows biome. However, its seeds will only give you 21 energy, so it might not be worth the trip or the effort to plant them.

Marblemelon Plant

The Bulb Brush can be found in the Bulb Zone and they look like small purple trees. When you plant them you will obtain a Pygmy Bulb Brush, as well as an edible sample that gives you +3 food and +10 water.

When you head into the deeper biomes in Subnautica you will encounter the Regress Shell, which you might need a vehicle to get to. You can harvest its seeds with your knife and use them for 70 energy in your seabase.

It isn’t worth it to grow the Eye Stalk in your seabase as it is used for crafting Hatching Enzymes, which aren’t useful until closer to the end of the game. The seeds do provide 70 energy when put into the Bioreactor, but this is fairly low compared to some other plants.

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