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Subcool Seeds was formed in 2017 when Subcool’s home burned down destroying literally everything he owned. Dividing the last savings between his ex-partner and himself Subcool invested his last dime in certified TGA seeds and mother plants and in less than one year rebuilt the genetics library and continue to drop the Dank on Planet Earth. Classics like Jack the Ripper and Jesus OG Kush were preserved for the future and collaborations with new breeders like Badgers Dank and Kyle Kushman have created new exciting strains. In our new legal 22000 SQ FT facility we will create and test thousands of plants at one time assuring the best strains from the very best seeds are selected to make our massive 45 strain menu. We offer global distribution through our partners like GYO, The Attitude Seed Bank, Seedsman, and the only US Seed Bank Jbcseedbank. You can find links to all of our distributors in the buy seeds section.

Coming from the underground cannabis movement, TGA Subcool Seeds are firm believers in the medical use of cannabis and its benefits. By collecting information and genetics from all over the world, but mostly the U.S., they have created dozens of strains that are each specifically tailored to suit an individual need, whether it’s high cannabinoid potency or a certain terpene and flavonoid profile. Remembering their roots, they’re also huge supporters of various foundations, activists, and events across the U.S.

TGA Subcool Seeds (aka Subcool’s The Dank) started out underground in 2001 but was officially made into a company in 2005. It was a small collective of cannabis growers whose goal was to produce quality genetics, primarily oriented toward medical cannabis use. Unlike many other seed banks, TGA doesn’t offer feminized or autoflowering varieties. Despite that, the genetics created by Subcool, TGA’s master breeder, have won numerous cups and awards, proving their exceptional quality. Some of the most popular TGA Subcool Seeds strains include:

TGA Subcool Seeds (aka Subcool’s The Dank) is a cannabis seed bank offering the best cannabis strain seeds oriented toward both medical and recreational cannabis growers. Founded in 2005, Subcool Seeds has become one of the most respected and popular breeders in the world. This is mostly due to their head breeder, Subcool – a long-time underground activist, author, and contributor to High Times and Skunk magazines. Now, TGA Subcool strains come in a wide range of top-grade regular and photoperiod cannabis seeds, all available for purchase at Herbies.

TGA Subcool Seeds – Legend From The Underground

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