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5. QCS (Quebec Cannabis Seeds) – Best for experienced growers

A: Each state has their own laws regarding marijuana seeds, so most seed banks use an old souvenir law to get over the legal hurdles and do their business. As long as the seeds aren’t germinated they are free to mail them to you as a souvenir or for bird food/fish bait. Go to any major seed bank’s website such as ILGM and you will see a disclaimer page that announces this.

However, in most cases, the seeds won’t be detected. To guarantee this, most seed bank companies offer stealth shipping for customers worried about interception. It’s a discreet way of shipping orders where seeds are placed inside some ordinary objects like DVD cases before shipping; hence the package doesn’t raise suspicion.

This makes it difficult to find a reliable, high-quality seed bank in the United States, depending on an individual’s residing state.

The purpose of this review is to lay out the details of the top seed banks online.

Even though the company is Canadian, they accept payments in USD, so there is no need to worry about conversions.

A: Because of the many unreliable vendors selling low-quality products, it makes sense to wonder whether it’s safe to order seeds online. Fortunately, there’s minimal risk associated with ordering from online seed banks. Even customs laws shouldn’t be an issue. Some people are concerned that if their order is intercepted, they’ll end up on the law’s wrong side.

At least, that’s what it seems like to us…

Which means the California marijuana industry alone will grow a staggering 3,366% to reach ICF International’s $20 billion estimate.

You see, Mr. Sessions’ anti-marijuana measures only prevent larger, billion-dollar firms from entering the U.S. marijuana industry. As a result, marijuana penny stocks trading on over-the-counter (OTC) exchanges are flourishing.

BDS Analytics estimates California’s recreational cannabis revenue will reach $577 million in 2018.

As a result, smaller marijuana companies listed on OTC exchanges can take more risks. They can operate virtually free of competition from more established and better capitalized firms, which means they can grow alongside this new industry.