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sticker bush weed with purple seed pods

05/28/2020: Will Milestone kill/control these?

06/23/2021: This plant has very fuzzy leaves. It reminds me of yarrow but the flowers, just getting ready to bloom, appear to be white. These are in a very exposed location for sun and wind, in poor, well drained soil. (Sandy silt)

This looks like cheatgrass. Not positive since its dead. If you can send a photo earlier in the year with the seed heads we can ID it for sure.
We have an herbicide here called Plateau that can be put down in August (late summer) as a pre-emergent if it is cheatgrass..

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10/11/2020: Each clamp the size of a baseball. It doesn’t go away and less it’s pulled up it spreads. Has a little purple tinge to some of the blades.

07/25/2020: These are growing in random spots in our lawn, usually close to clover and in grass that is thriving, not the dry areas.

04/28/2021: 12 inches tall reddish brown color looks like there are forms on the stalky party and some sort of insect cocoon on the top of each stalk 2pm EST

05/13/2019: This is an invasive plants that comes over from my neighbor's yard every year, no matter what I do to weed it out each spring. It takes over in my front and back yard. Can you tell me what it is, and is there a way to eradicate it/manage it efficiently? It takes over lawn and flower beds and chokes everything out. The leaves are alternate and they pull up easily when the ground is wet, but a friend recently told me they are attached to a rhizome that is deeper in the soil that is much harder to get. Thank you! PS I tried to upload 3 pics total but your system only allows one. Pls let me know if you need other to ID.

Weed Type:

Broadleaf perennial with a shallow taproot and fibrous, expansive root system.

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4. Keep your lawn well-fed with quality weed & feed or fertilizer-only products, such as the Pennington UltraGreen line of lawn fertilizers.


To help simplify weed defense, we’ve charted 10 common lawn weeds, including their characteristics, type and how they spread, and most importantly- how to eliminate them. Weeds, like ornamental garden plants, can be annuals or perennials. Annual weeds, such as crabgrass, complete their entire life cycle in a single growing season, and then die, leaving seeds behind to continue the legacy. Perennial weeds, such as dandelions, come back year after year from their roots, and distribute new seeds to boot. Weeds can also be grass-like, broadleaf or sedge. Choosing the right weed control product requires understanding the weed you want to fight and its stage of growth. Pre-emergent weed controls, sometime called preventers, work to keep weed seeds from germinating and developing. Post-emergent weed controls fight weeds that have already germinated and emerged from the soil.