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starting butterfly weed seeds indoors

Just as with outdoor sowing, scatter the seeds evenly over the surface and press them lightly into the soil. Cover them lightly with a quarter of an inch of germination mixture and moisten the surface thoroughly.

In fact, it spreads best by reseeding… replanting is not a very effective method of propagation for these plants.

Even though the Asclepias plant does reproduce fairly readily, it is never a good idea to disrupt it.

How To Grow Butterfly Weed Seed Indoors

The Dispatch shares that the Perennial Plant Association named the butterfly weed its 2017 perennial plant of the year. They shared…

The plant provides important nourishment and resting places for very often endangered butterflies.

Growing Asclepias tuberosa seed is very cheap, and butterfly weed flowers during the first growing season.

Because so many gardeners now recognize how beneficial butterfly weed is to the garden, seeds are very readily available online and in local garden stores.

Try to put seeds or plants in their permanent locations right away. Butterfly weed does not like to be transplanted or have its roots disturbed in any way. However, plants do grow well from seed.

Butterfly weed is not invasive, but it will start to spread in your garden if unattended to. You can either clip off seed heads before they open and drop seeds, or you can simply pull up any seedlings that have sprouted in the spring.

Tips for Growing Butterfly Weed

After your plants get established, they are very easy to care for.

Start to harden plants off a week or two before planting by bringing them outside during the day and back in at night.

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If you want more plants around your garden, collect the seeds as they ripen and lay them down in the fall in the area(s) you want new plants.