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spray to use for female seeds weed

– For light-dependent cultivars: after the initial 1-2 application, switch lights into flowering cycle.

– For auto-flowering cultivars: begin application approximately 1-2 days before expected flowering, or at the first signs of flowering.

Stimulate female pollen generation, and use it to create feminized seeds of your favourite cannabis cultivars.

  1. Select your plant(s) for reversal/feminizing.
    Attach spray nozzle to SUPER(SEED) bottle and shake well!
    Spray down plant twice daily, starting in the vegetative light cycle:

Be sure to thoroughly cover the foliage each time, focusing especially on the budding ends.

Product Details:
Comes with attached spray/stream nozzle.
Store product in original container in a cool, dark place.

This allows the grower to collect pollen from a female cannabis plant. You can use this all-female pollen to pollinate another female plant. With two female plants as parents, ALL the seeds will end up being female.


How it Works

You should, therefore, destroy the plant after the pollen has been collected.

Buy Colloidal Silver: You can actually buy colloidal silver which has already been prepared and is ready for use. If you’re purchasing colloidal silver, try to find a solution that has at least 30 PPM (parts per million) of silver. However, buying Colloidal Silver that is already prepared can get expensive.

This method is great because it will force almost any female cannabis plant to show male characteristics.