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Even if you have your mind made up and you want to grow your own plants from the marijuana seeds you found, you must make sure that you have the proper resources and nutrients the plant needs to grow to its full potential, including enough light, water, and space for it to grow. Also, you must make sure that you not only live in an area where marijuana is legal, but you also must get approval from a landlord/owner of an apartment building, condo, and/or townhouse if you live in any of these establishments before growing.

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If you smoked bud before that contained marijuana seeds, you may have experienced a headache or felt worse as a result. In general, if you’re sold marijuana that contains seeds, don’t consume it because it won’t be the best experience you can get from the plant. Overall, it’s not uncommon for people to find seeds in their cannabis nugs after buying it off the black market. Heading to a dispensary is probably a better bet.

Downsides of Smoking Marijuana Strains that Contain Seeds

Also, bud that contains marijuana seeds often contains little to no THC and tastes bad. Couple that with a headache, and nobody wants to have this kind of experience.

Photo by: Canna Obscura/Shutterstock There are several reasons as to why marijuana plants could contain seeds. For one, it’s rare but possible for marijuana plants to be hermaphrodites rather than just solely male or female. A hermaphrodite marijuana plant contains both reproductive organs from the male and female plants. However, whenever a hermaphrodite plant is discovered, it’s best to destroy it immediately and/or separate it from the female plants as soon as possible because it could ruin a perfectly good harvest.

Furthermore, when the pollen that was produced from the male plant touches the white hairs on a female plant’s flower(s), it makes a seed, which shouldn’t be smoked unless you want to get a headache afterward. Unfortunately, marijuana seeds that are found on or within nugs could cause discomfort, which is the opposite of what many people use marijuana for.

At some point in your marijuana consumption journey, you may have purchased bud off the black market or from a street dealer who you may or may not have personally known. In those instances, it’s common for the marijuana nugs to contain seeds, which aren’t necessarily harmful, but they’re not the most medically beneficial either. Find out why seeds could be in your marijuana nugs and the effect it could have on you.

Sativa plants are generally very tall, but thin plants. They have fluffier, less dense buds than Indica plants and are common for outdoor grows. Cannabis Sativa plants will usually have higher THC content than Indica plants, which means the associated psychoactive component or high is stronger. If you’ve smoked weed before, you would likely describe the experience as an enjoyable body sensation. Many believe Sativa strains to encourage activity and make you actually want to do something while high, in comparison to Indica strains that often result in a couch locked, I just want to chill at home type of experience. Sativa strains can make for a more enjoyable high during the day, due to the alertness that can often be maintained.

Wood containers – A sealed wood container can be highly effective at drying pot slowly and steadily. You can build your own wood container if you don’t have one on hand.

Cannabis Sativa

Weed can vary in quality and knowing how to differentiate good bud from bad can make all the difference when you’re buying marijuana at a recreational store. You can easily scout out the best weed and never regret your bud buying decisions.

How Should you Store Weed? – Weed Containers Weed can be stored in a variety of different containers and each one has its advantages and disadvantages. The most common ways to store weed can be found below.

Open the container – The easiest way to remove excess moisture from your weed is to open the container that it is being stored in. This will expose the bud to air, light and heat. Just be careful not to do this for too long, as it can ruin the quality of the marijuana if its left out.