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smoke the weed don’t smoke the seed mp3 download

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Vibe Music Collective presents the 'Lemonade Redux' double cassette box set.
Containing two (2) High-bias cassette tapes, Lemonade Redux is a fully remastered, restored version of the cult classic 'Lemonade EP' from emcee Cavalier and producer Iman Omari.
Nearly doubling the length of this acclaimed project, this limited edition box set contains a polished version of the Lemonade album making it a FULL LP with UNRELEASED, never heard tracks and a FULL INSTRUMENTAL album of all the tracks produced by Iman Omari.
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i don’t know how to roll
but the people i roll with
know how to roll blunts like a pole

i thought to myself
“i like this shit”
it’s better than beer
so annalyze this
i don’t have to go take a piss

if you are a little kid
please don’t do the things i did
anti-drug message? let me see..
don’t smoke weed
give it to me!

i love smoking weed all by myself
dont have to pass it to no one else
i hit my blunt
anytime i want
got so much weed i dont have to hunt

briefly take a chronic break
weed headache
big mistake
im high so i put my blunt down
turn up my music and dance all around

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smoke a blunt
nice and slow
hold the smoke
now let it go

smoke a blunt
nice and slow
hold the smoke
then let it go