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slimjim weed seeds

No. All the GreenCherry cabinets are fitted with activated double carbon filtration system. Eventually your house or garage is just going to smell like it should be. These cabinets are completely odourless.

We use silent motor fans in our cabinets for intake and exhaust outlets. These cabinets are literally noiseless and the fans keep the internal air well circulated and your plants healthy.

Make your grow futuristic, our state of the art hydroponic methods make sure to supercharge your garden and deliver harvests up to 40% faster.

Does the Grow room produce odour?

Grow with maximum effeciency. Our systems use minimal electricity and water. Growing your own has never been cheaper.

The electricity consuming parts in the cabinet are the LED lights, water pump,oxygen pump and fans which do not consume huge electric numbers and is also reasonable on your pockets. The amount of time for the plants depends on the type of plants you grow. On an average a hydroponic growth requires 18-20 hours of light and 4-6 hours of darkness. So the lights in the cabinet can be turned off for 4-6 hours.

These cabinets support the hydroponic as well as normal pot growth method. If the plants grow in the pot the it clearly depends on the size of the plant. However the hydroponic method uses a hyrdrobucket and net pots which come is numerous sizes from 6/8/10/12. So the number of plants can be according to the hydrobucket’s size.

Real-time tracking. Track your grow and monitor your plants, anywhere and anytime, at the push of a button.

What’s the big deal about the hydroponically grown stuff?
After you’ve been growing weed for a while, you realise that soil is not the perfect medium for it to grow. That’s the first thing about hydroponics—that you grow it without soil to hold the roots, and instead use a water-based and nutrient-rich solution. The nutrients are provided directly to the plants to keep them abundant irrespective of the weather out there. In big cities, we often don’t get the best soil, are inundated in pollution and live in a climate not suited for the plant. There are also pests outdoors. When you move indoors, you have control over all that stuff and hence, your buds are bigger, healthier and more potent. You don’t have to use pesticides and can also train a plant to do a lot more.

Wow, that’s steep. How much do you end up spending on your gardening?
I spend a minimum of Rs 35,000 a month for one grow cycle, which lasts four to five months. This is mainly costs for running the lights and the air-conditioning to regulate the temperature. I also pay rent for the place I grow it in and have spent a sizeable amount (that can run into a lakh or more, depending on how fancy you want to go) on purchasing the equipment.


Do you need to have a green thumb to do this?
It's complicated at the start but you have to have patience for the trial-and-error process to show results. I just started by reading lots of articles on hydroponic gardening. You can’t get it right the first time, especially because the plant is so delicate. I started by going to my local gardener, picking up a small pot and a bunch of other plants to hide the one I was desperately trying to grow. I bought the seeds from Slimjim (which now sells seeds on another platform). My first successful grow was an autoflower because it’s easy to grow in Indian climate and natural light cycle. It was beautiful to watch the buds flower in front of you. I smoked it a month later with my friends, but it didn’t turn out as good as I thought it would be. I still remember it had a watermelon kinda smell

Then, you need a really powerful LED light to grow it under full spectrum because you’re not giving it any sunlight for photosynthesis to happen. I got LED lights because they’re more efficient and don’t use as much electricity, or are as hot as the CFL ones. You need an AC to control the temperature, and a pH meter to check the pH level of the water and maintain proper balance in your plant food. You can get general hydroponic equipment off gardening sites. But apart from the equipment, it takes a shit-ton of patience. If you do a hobby grow with basic equipment, chances are you might not be satisfied because the waiting period is long. The vegetative period is about 2-4 weeks, after which it takes two-four months to flower and then a month for the drying and curing process.

Ten minutes into our conversation and M comes across more as a gardener than the pothead some might be inclined to assume he is. Discussing the technicalities of what a hydro system of growing involves, his voice carries a tinge of pride for having figured out the complicated process made further complex in a city where you’ve to keep the specifics of your activities on mute. But as hydroponic gardening gains popularity as a way of growing high-grade cannabis the year round, M tells VICE what it takes to do what he does, in India.