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Here are the best new cultivars and clones to grow in 2020—selected based on interviews with the world’s most influential breeders, what’s available legally in stores and online, and data trends in popular strains. Let’s grow a pound!

See also: Rose Gold from Archive Seed Bank and Hermetic Genetics’ Oregon Hash Plant.

Watermelon OG

Found on the West Coast as well as in Oklahoma, Oregon, and Maine, Humboldt Seed Co.’s Autoflower Magic Melon is a no-brainer. Funky fuel and raspberry reek from ripe Magic Melon buds. The cultivar came from a selection of 10,000-plus plants over multiple generations by elite growers.

Cannabis culture has broadened past the crude, dried, cured buds. We appreciate rosin, dry ice hash, and flan. But to get to that next level, you got to grow something frosty.

For more OGs, see also: Compound Genetics’ Supreme Diesel (Jet Fuel Gelato X Diesel); Humboldt Seed Co.’s Collie Man Kush; Chem Fuego from Lucky Dog Seed Co.; GaitorBait from CSI Humboldt; Rebel Grown’s Triangle Double OG Sour or Double OG Sour; Bodhi Seeds’ Black Triangle; Massive Seeds’ Playboi OG; Seed Cannabis Co.’s Humboldt OG in Oklahoma.

Make sure your growing the legit Genetics!

If you are a seed bank or breeder please reach out. We only accept seed samples in certified mail. At current we can only get accurate DNA mapping with a pretty decent amount of sample material. So we grow seed out to around 5 weeks. Obviously like most start-ups we are limited by space and funding. Please be patient. We can only grow out a limited amount of strains but will scale up very quick as we work out some logistic

So many people are so wrapped up in what Cannabis can do for them instead of remember the unsung heroes long forgotten that paved the way for the cannabis freedom we see today. They stood up and advocated for cannabis cause they knew the plant could help the world. That selflessness to the greater good seems to be in short supply in the wake of big Ag and the billion dollar industry on the cusp. All of our findings will be published free to use and share .

We are seeing a rise in mislabeled or blatant bad actors selling seeds that grow out to be completely false from what was described/purchased. Our directory can solve these issues once in for all by a simple pass or fail for these seed distributors. If the genome does not match the DNA profile “Molecular genetics “ by at least 80% it is not the strain you purchased. The pass or fail percentage average will go to 95%-99% as the Cannabis Genomics Database grows and more concrete baseline variables are validated .Some people in the Cannabis community have spent their entire lives developing strains. DNA mapping and verification will allow us to make sure they can be validated and recognized.

Scientific dating like carbon dating or similar “dating” validation methods might also come into-play with “who grew it first”. Some breeders have 30 year old sample in deep freeze for this exact purpose.