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Although it was originally released over thirty years ago, Shiva Skunk remains a favourite among fans of cannabis. New generations of growers discover it every year, delighted by its ease of cultivation and large, chunky buds.

Effect, taste, and smell of Shiva Skunk Regular

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Some refer to Shiva Skunk’s scent as oily or dense, while others claim that it has a creamy quality. Either way, most people agree that the aroma is musky, with sweet citrus undertones. The smell of berry and sandalwood is also detectable. The plants produce a pungent scent – a fact that discreet growers might want to bear in mind.

Shiva Skunk Regular produces potent effects, often lifting the mood, and making the user feel more adventurous or thoughtful. Some users say that it’s a smooth, mellow high, which is unsurprising, given that it was bred from two indica-dominant strains. However, the slightly euphoric effects are down to the plant’s sativa relatives.

Shiva Skunk Regular is a compact strain, and the plants don’t grow to great heights. The lateral branching and squat, ‘pine tree’ shape means that it’s not well suited to lollipopping.

Growth pattern of Shiva Skunk Feminized

Shiva Skunk Feminized is one of our most powerful skunk strains. The lack of male plants means that it’s easy to cultivate, and its vigorous growth and resinous buds produce excellent yields. As for the high? Expect to feel deeply relaxed and contemplative, though the 15% sativa sometimes also induces a sense of energy and adventure!

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The plants have a relatively short flowering time of 45 to 55 days, which is useful for those who want to enjoy speedy results. Due to the strain’s mostly indica characteristics, they don’t grow to towering heights. Most reach a final height of around 110 to 120 cm, which means they can be cultivated discreetly in a garden or greenhouse. When grown outdoors, they’re usually ready to be harvested around mid-September.

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Shiva Skunk Feminized is an 85% indica / 15% sativa strain. It’s Sensi Seeds’ most potent skunk variety, thanks to its parent-plants – Northern Lights #5 and Skunk #1. With short flowering times and high yields, the strain is well suited for growing in continental environments, or indoors. Users also appreciate its distinctive musky, citrusy aroma and taste.

Shiva Skunk Feminized is 85% indica / 15% sativa, and this indica-dominance is very much in evidence in its taste, scent and effect.