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sensi weed seed shop

Sensi Seeds stands out for being a seed bank that has never stopped supporting all cannabis-related initiatives that have come to frame as well as for developing and investigating high-end hybrids. The award-winning Skunk #1 is one of the biggest icons in the catalogue because it was one of the first strains from the United States to be stabilized and to achieve awards and recognition all over the world. Among the many legendary strains, Early Girl and Early Pearl are also worth a special mention since they represented a turning point in the life of those interested in growing in regions with harsh climates. From that moment on, the market has kept on demanding this kind of seeds that manage to make the cultivation process far easier.

Although Sensi Seeds cannabis seeds included in the catalogue are not only regular but also feminised and autoflowering, it is the collection of regular marijuana seeds the one the offers a wider variety of strains. All genetics in this collection are a clear “must-have” in the gardens of experienced breeders. Seeds such as Jack Herer have now become real cannabis icons widely appreciated by people at national and international level.

Sensi Seeds cannabis seeds are, without any doubt, a blend of hard work, good-quality raw material, experience and passion, each and every one of which is fundamental for the achievement of the best possible results. To that basis, we must add the great expertise and knowledge acquired after the many collaborations in which it has been involved.

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Sensi genetics offer not only the high yield and range of effects people search for, they actually represent a part of Cannabis’ history.

In the early 1970’s, the founder of Sensi, Ben, opened a clothes shop in the Dutch city of Rotterdam where he sold homemade clothing. A few years earlier, at the age of seventeen, he smoked his first joint. But it wasn’t until he began making regular trips to Turkey, Afghanistan and Pakistan to purchase textiles that he became aware of the plant’s versatility. He learned about hemp fibre’s suitability as, among other things, a textile and was given cannabis and cannabis seeds by local farmers. Ben discovered that the cannabis plant had so much to offer in spite of it being prohibited and vilified in all corners of the world.

Sensi Seeds search for cannabis genetics has never ceased in the last 30 years. Their dedication towards genetic preservation has also never diminished. To this day, Sensi are true to their roots and are now, more than ever, aware that the future of cannabis genetic research lies in its past, in the genetics that started it all.

There is no other seed bank in the world that has been coveted with more awards than Sensi Seeds. From the Highlife Cup to the Cannabis Cup, Sensi have achieved unrivalled legendary status in the seed bank world.

At the start of the 1980’s, the first examples of innovative, stabilised hybrids, such as Haze and Skunk, arrived in Europe from the United States. Ben was one of a mere three Dutch cultivators who were granted access to these hybrids, which are considered an important blueprint for the development of European hybrids.

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It became one of his passions to collect cannabis seeds from Central and South East Asia and the Asian subcontinent. Back home in the Netherlands, he started to cultivate these seeds in order to learn more about the growth process of this very special plant.

At the end of the seventies, Ben found out that cannabis seeds did not fall under the cannabis prohibition; it was only the plant that was prohibited and not the seeds. As it was not illegal to sell seeds, Ben reasoned that the production process should not be illegal either. He started his seed company after a lawyer confirmed this insight and in 1985 the Sensi Seed Club, also known as the Sensi Connoisseurs’ Club, came into being. Ben took over a company called the Seed Bank in 1991 and the gene libraries were merged to create the Sensi Seed Bank as we know it today.