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sensi seeds shiva weed strain

Shiva Skunk Regular produces potent effects, often lifting the mood, and making the user feel more adventurous or thoughtful. Some users say that it’s a smooth, mellow high, which is unsurprising, given that it was bred from two indica-dominant strains. However, the slightly euphoric effects are down to the plant’s sativa relatives.

Shiva Skunk Regular is a compact strain, and the plants don’t grow to great heights. The lateral branching and squat, ‘pine tree’ shape means that it’s not well suited to lollipopping.

Shiva Skunk Regular has the kind of bud structure and potency that only comes with a premium indica-dominant heritage. Being 85% indica ensures plentiful yields in a conveniently short flowering period of 45 to 55 days. Whether grown indoors or outside (in warm or temperate climates), growers can expect excellent harvests, without requiring too much technical know-how or expertise.

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Shiva Skunk Regular is our most potent skunk! We bred this for growers who aren’t afraid of powerful effects and pungent odours. Shiva Skunk is an award-winning variety that leaves a lasting impression of relaxation and delight on all who consume it. The plants are compact and sturdy, producing huge buds which, by the end of the short flowering period, are completely covered in resin. For those who love skunk, but wish it was stronger, this is an excellent choice.

Later in the flowering stage, the buds will rapidly bulk up. You’ll also notice the trademark layer of large trichomes (inherited from Northern Lights #5). The hybrid vigour means that Shiva Skunk Regular can outperform both of its parents in terms of resin content and yield.

Effect, taste, and smell of Shiva Skunk Regular

Growth pattern of Shiva Skunk Regular

Shiva Skunk offers some delightful tastes that are defined as sweet and spicy. The strain also gives off a nice and pleasant scent of bubblegum, honey, and fruits.

These effects have some medical potential and are reported to help with pain, headaches, lack of appetite, muscle spasms, and stress. Be prepared to keep some water or juice nearby to counteract the possible dry mouth caused by smoking Shiva Skunk.

Shiva Skunk offers a profound stoning effect initiated by the indica genetics within this cannabis variety. This strain is best smoked during a lazy evening or before bed to assist with sleep. It also makes a great smoke before settling down to watch and film or to get through a significant portion of a book. The high targets both the body and the mind.

Shiva Skunk is a potent indica strain that is the result of the crossing of the two absolute classic parent strains Skunk #1 and Northern Lights #5. This strain remains at a nice manageable size all throughout the grow cycle and offers large bounties of buds at the end of the flowering stage. The hard hitting high and beautiful flavours and aromas make this strain extremely rewarding to cultivate.

The body high is quite intense and will definitely kindle the flames of the appetite, all the while inducing severe states of relaxation, calm, and couch lock. The head high ignited by the strain is characterised by thought provoking and exhilarating sensations and borders on the psychedelic.

Shiva Skunk is an easy strain to grow and therefore may appeal to beginners looking to cultivate some strong indica buds. The plants rarely exceed 75cm in height which makes them easy to conceal for those wanting to keep a low profile. This small and compact size also makes a great addition to outdoor garden beds in areas where growers want to keep their activities a secret. Shiva skunk has a flowering time of around 45 to 55 days and is known to produce yields of between 251 and 500g per square metre. The outcome will all depend on the growing practices and quality of light and nutrients that plants have exposure to.