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I wasn’t aware that one had to be in the US to answer these questions . lol

I have heard of some banks in medical states- Colorado and Michigan but neither will sent to a non-medical patient and especially not one out of their home state. things are moving fast I would think within a couple years if not less we shall have many more.

I guess that can’t be too many, since you are not even in the US. Vostok, why do you insist on answering so many questions when you don’t know the answer, or anything about the subject?

bud bootlegger

I wasn’t aware that one had to be in the US to answer these questions . lol

Many of our members read your posts and think that you are under 18.

there are many good breeders in the US that are forced to sell though a middleman from out of country due to federal law. if your in a non-medical state this may be your only rout to purchase these.