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seeds in weed reddit

Marijuana without seeds is usually more potent because people take more care in growing the marijuana for consumption

My friend was breaking down some bud last night and complained about the seeds that came out saying, "ah man your shit is mid," but after smoking a small bowl (w/o the seeds of course) we were all pleasantly stoned. We all have fairly high tolerances and usually smoke bud that is seedless. Does potent bud typically flower w/o seeds? Enlighten me r/trees

How big of a difference does it make?

Ideally, the buds will be from unfertilized female plants. That way, the nutrients that would be used on seeds will instead be used on other parts of the plant, increasing the potency. Seeds don't mean that it's bad herb, they just mean it isn't as strong as it could be.

yes, the seed are wasted energy the plant could have used to continue growing and maturing. so if you have seeds in your bud it doesn't mean it's shit, it's just no where near it's potential

Females sometimes produce seeds, whether its pollinated, or a hermaphrodite. The problem is that if the plant creates seeds they take up resources that could have been used to produce more THC. So, its not that the bud couldn't be potent, but rather the plant didn't reach its full potential of potency.

A planted inseminated late in flowering can also produce viable seeds as well as decent bud. Fewer seeds then one inseminated early but still some decent bud/

Yes and no. Your bud did spend some energy on creating those seeds. That energy could have gone into trichome production. However unless the grower really fucked up and the bud is REALLY REALLY SEEDY you're only losing a few % thc. When you find a few seeds in a nug or in a bag it typically means the grower either had a light leak or one of their plants hermied on them at some point. It's not a big deal. When I find a seed I make sure to break up the rest of that bag by hand so I can remove any additional seeds (always find that first one in my grinder) before I grind em up.

Title. I remember reading somewhere that if you find seeds in your weed then it's not as good because the plant spent energy making the seeds instead of producing trichomes. I've found a seed in my grinder 3 times, is my nug lower quality?

IF the seeds are large and brown/black/striped you can save and grow em, if they're small and white just toss em, they're trash.

If there are so many that the guy is actually dropping the price and warning you about it, then it's probably enough to be pretty annoying.

Thanks in advance!

They're annoying there are a ton of seeds.

My guy is having this deal where an oz. of a particular mid grade is half price because, as he warns, it has seeds in it.

It seems like a good deal, are seeds really that annoying? I don't mind just picking them out.

But. that doesn't mean the weed itself won't get you high, a deal is a deal, and if you're OK with picking through the seeds then it's really not a big deal.

Just be careful if you have a grinder, you don't want to break up the seeds and smoke bitter seed pieces, it's worse than smoking stems.