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Notably, in May 19, the company was accepted as a registered vendor for the United Nations Global Marketplace (UNGM). As such, Seedo now has access to hundreds of daily tender contracts from over 35 different UN organizations, with an annual budget of $4 Billion dollars, providing exposure to a variety of opportunities internationally.

In August, Seedo announced that they had partnered with Namaste Technologies, a leading online cannabis retailer to introduce the devices to the European market.

Seedo’s biggest market is in the United States where growing and using cannabis recreationally is now legal in 11 states in the USA and in 22 states medical cannabis has been recognised as an effective treatment for numerous health conditions including PTSD, depression, chronic pain and for those undergoing cancer treatment.

How it works

A seed is placed in a nutrient-rich container (that will last for the plant’s growing cycle) and then placed inside Seedo who will take care of the rest.

The airtight, stackable containers will allow cultivators to optimize land-use and reduce the environmental footprint of their farming operations.

The company reports that to date, Seedo devices have aggregated over 280,000 hours of grow data.

In the future, and with their UN contract, the company is hoping that this technology will be used to grow food on a massive scale in areas of the world most affected by climate change and where the soil is poor in nutrients.

Both the Grobo and Seedo systems operate off of an app system connected to WiFi. After you plant your seed, the internal systems within the grow box will track the health of the plant from initial sprout to final harvest. The temperature of the plant, its water level, pH level, and nutrients will all be monitored. The system will automatically recognize when the plant requires any of those components and will notify the app. The system also walks you through each step of the growing system. This makes it easy to grow even if you’ve never grown a plant before. Grobo has an awesome customer service team that can walk you through every aspect of how your Grobo will work.

Seedo Grow Box. ($2,400)

How does it work ?

Lighting:LED (Purple only)

Made in China

Dimensions: 24 x 24 x 40″

The original grow box, Phototron was 30 years ahead of its time. Back in the 1980s the first Phototron rolled out in California. Billed as a “grow anything” product, there was certainly a focus on cannabis for the company. They knew which market was interested and there was enough leeway to produce a product like this. The Phototron showed up in Popular Mechanics magazine and they claimed some extraordinary sales figures.

With another $2.5M in orders to ship, with their current margins it would cost them $4M USD to fulfill those orders, further increasing their overall losses as a company. In a last ditch effort to survive, Seedo did two things:

Countertop Grow Systems

EcoQube C+ – Oct 30, 2017 – $128,382

EcoQube – Nov 30, 2013 – $79,026 (581 Backers)

Then, the downfall. By 2019, Seedo was spending nearly $1M USD each month. Even as they began shipping, the company was losing considerable money. In the nine months until September 30, 2019, Seedo had fulfilled their first $703K USD in orders but it cost them over $1.2M to fulfill those orders.