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The Seedo Hydroponic Grow System seeks to change that forever by automating water levels, the light cycles the plants will be exposed to, the mineral intake of the weed plants, and it even has built-in gas cartridges for releasing C02 during photosynthesis cycles. If you’re like me and obsess over progress then you’ll be pleased to see that the Seedo features an internal camera which allows you to monitor the bud growth without disrupting the growth cycle. Furthermore, the Seed has an internal ‘smart harvest’ drying system and is self-cleaning.

Seedo, the world’s first fully-automated hydroponic grow system designed specifically for growing cannabis, isn’t even available for purchase yet but it’s already making headlines. As marijuana continues to be legalized in states all throughout our great nation and in countries throughout the world we are currently seeing a golden age of innovation, and the Seedo (manufactured by Seedo Labs) is proof of that.

This incredible device is a fully automated hydroponic grow system which pairs with a smartphone app that both tracks the progress of your marijuana plants as they grow and monitors the conditions in which they’re developing to optimize growth. It has yet to hit the market for retail purchase but the Seedo has grabbed the attention of marijuana enthusiasts all throughout the nation after they released a promo video showing how The Seedo will work in action:

There are no pesticides or herbicides used inside of the hydroponic system because it’s a fully contained grow system and there are no threats from outside bugs. This means you will be growing the cleanest, purest, most powerful cannabis on the planet at the press of a button. Obviously, this hydroponic system will work for growing other plants and herbs but this marvel of design was built to improve the world of marijuana.

Growing marijuana at home using a DIY hydroponic setup can be (and often is) a very complicated process. Hydroponic grow setups typically yield the best cannabis, and once the grow systems are set up they’re fairly automated but still require a great deal of monitoring.

If all of this sounds too good to be true you should know that this is very, very real, and the Seedo will soon be available for purchase by the public. For more details on the Seedo Hydroponic Grow System you can click over to SeedoLabs where you’ll also be able to sign up for email notifications of when it’s available for purchase.

But when it comes to cannabis, Levy said that his ultimate vision and purpose of the Seedo system is to bring uniform standardized yield to the cannabis industry. “This is a major issue for pharmaceutical, food and beverage companies who want to include cannabis-derived products in their product lines,” Levy told us. “Our technology provides a highly controlled environment which allows for consistent standardized yields, which the biggest players in these industries require.”

On top of applying their technology towards containers for commercial scale at Kibbutz Dan in Israel, Seedo is positioning themselves to keep up their momentum of global growth with strategic partnerships, including with retail innovation firm OutForm. This firm has strong ties with large retailers like Home Depot, Best Buy, and Bed Bath & Beyond — and Seedo has aspirations to potentially introduce their hydroponic grow systems across the U.S. through these retail giants.

At the end of March 2019, Seedo also announced a partnership with Kibbutz Dan in northern Israel to develop fully automated commercial cannabis farms within shipping containers.

How the Technology Works

The company encourages the public to “think of Seedo as the first driverless car for hydroponic growing.”

Seedo notes that their grow systems can be used to cultivate a large variety of crops, not just cannabis. The company has welcomed the former head of the U.S. Bureau of African Affairs, Dr. Jendayi Frazer, onto their Board of Directors to assist Seedo with establishing a pilot program with the UN for the cultivation of herbs and vegetables where climate and seclusion are a serious barrier to agricultural development.

“Seedo's hermetically sealed systems are controlled and managed by artificial intelligence software, which analyzes the plant's development and takes actions to optimize growing parameters based on its performance,” said Seedo CEO Zohar Levy. “Simply set a growth plan for your particular plant species and sit back and let it grow.”

To meet the growing demand of their automatic grow system, Seedo recently opened up a customer service center and logistics warehouse in the Netherlands that now serves as its European distribution hub.