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Landschoot notes, “Because soil-test levels of phosphorus don’t change much over short periods, you can collect soil samples and submit to a test lab to determine phosphorus levels within a year of establishing turf. Soil samples can be collected any time during the year as long as soil is not frozen. The ideal situation would be to collect soil and submit the sample(s) to a test lab as close to the time of establishment as possible. Just be sure to allow time for the lab to process the samples and return your report with phosphorus recommendations. Also, build in a few days to interpret the report and purchase the correct amount and type of fertilizer.”

Peter Landschoot, Ph.D., professor of turfgrass science at Penn State Extension states, “Yes, both seed and sod. Seedling grasses need greater amounts of nitrogen and phosphorus than mature grass plants because seedlings are producing new tissues rapidly and thus have higher energy and nutrition requirements.” Reseeding a lawn will take more time, but sod will be more expensive. “Even though sod is mostly composed of mature turf, many of the roots have been severed during the harvesting operation,” Landschoot says. Some nitrogen and phosphorus (as starter fertilizer) applied to the soil before the sod is laid should help hasten development of new roots.”

4. Is it best to get a soil test first to see phosphorus levels?

Our Top Picks for Starter Fertilizers:

Starter lawn fertilizer helps your grass seedlings and sod roots establish rapidly in the soil, leading to a thick new lawn in a short period. Although various starter fertilizers for grass may differ slightly in composition, they all give the grass seeds and new sod the nutritional boost required for healthy germination and rapid root growth. They will usually have equal amounts of nitrogen, phosphorous and potassium. However, some types contain two parts of nitrogen and one part of phosphorous and potassium. There are both slow-release and quick-release formulations, with the latter delivering a quick green-up dose of nitrogen. It can be applied to all-new lawns, or to help bare spots recover.

Whether you are planting new grass from scratch or repairing bare spots, figuring out a proper fertilizer to get your grass off to the best start can be daunting. One look at your local garden center’s fertilizer aisle and you’re inundated with choices for producing your vibrant lawn.

    Rolling Your Lawn – We’ve all seen the pictures of grandpa rolling the lawn with his lawn tractor and riding lawn mower. While we may think it’s a good idea to smooth out our lawn while the ground is soft, this actually can spell certain doom for young seedlings and grass. Rolling your lawn in the early spring can damage the turf plant’s “crown” causing damage to the lawn.

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