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seed weed restraurant bellair

Inavale – Very suitable for hay production and grazing and is a broadly adapted variety for inclusion in mixtures anywhere orchardgrass is used – combines well with alfalfa in a 3-5 cut management system – medium maturity of 3, and has excellent persistence and vigor with a soft palatable leaf.

Zenyatta – Zenyatta is a top yielding variety of timothy. Maturity is earlier than climax and similar to Clair yet will outyield both varieties. In the high value horse hay market, Zenyatta outpaces the competition. Zenyatta’s consistent dark green color, minimal brown leaf problems, good standability and long seed head contributes a high visual score. Excellent regrowth facilitates a profitable second cut.

Fojtan – high yielding, persistency of tall fescue with the quality of ryegrass

Kentucky Bluegrass

Amba – early maturing, high quality forage, maturity of 2

Festulolium is the name for a hybrid forage grass developed by crossing Meadow Fescue or Tall Fescue with perennial ryegrass or Italian ryegrass. This enables combining the best properties of the two types of grass. The fescues contribute qualities such as high dry matter yield, resistance to cold, drought tolerance and persistence, while ryegrass is characterized by rapid establishment, good spring growth, terrific digestibility, sugar content and palatability. The individual festulolium varieties contain various combinations of these qualities, but all are higher yielding than their parent lines. DLF has developed a substantial breeding program in hybrid festulolium that has produced a unique range of hybrid festulolium varieties. One can regard them as high yielding fescues with improved forage quality or as high yielding, more persistent ryegrasses.

75% Fojtan Festulolium
20% Hostyn Festulolium
5% Balin Kentucky Bluegrass

Balin Kentucky Bluegrass – broadly adapted, good seedling vigor

Lion Baking Powder 115g

Swiss Mustard for your sandwiches, hot dogs and anything else you desire to spread it on.

Regal Sunflower Seed is rich in healthy fats, beneficial plant compounds and several vitamins and minerals. Sunflower seeds are popular in trail mix, multi-grain bread and nutrition bars, as well as for snacking straight from the bag.

Purina Pro Plan Focus Large Breed Chicken & Rice Formula Dry Puppy Food 18lbs

Lion baking powder a trusted brand in the Caribbean for many years by bakers and cooks.

Hempseed protein amino acid content (g/100 g seed).

In conclusion, in addition to the fact that there is still a lack of studies about the effects of whole hempseed dietary intake on either healthy human subjects or patients with a specific pathological status, to date, the few works present in the scientific literature refer exclusively to hempseed oil supplementation and they are rather inconclusive and not very comparable due to the employment of different types of experimental designs, as well as different dosages, experimental periods, and administration methods of the supplement. Therefore, it appears necessary to deepen and expand the research and the knowledge in this area.

Table 4

Hempseed nutritional characteristics (mg/100 g).

Total phenolic content (mg Gallic Acid Equivalent (GAE)/g) of hempseed cold-pressed oil or whole hempseed.

Regarding the enrichment of bread with hempseed or derivatives, some works have evaluated the impact on the nutritional, structural, and textural characteristics of both dough and bread, consequentially to the addition of hempseeds or their derivatives. About this, from a technological/rheological point of view, the main issue of the usage of non-conventional ingredient in the bakery industry, in order to fortify the bakery products is their adverse effect on the dough rheological and baking properties, mainly as a result of the dilution of wheat gluten proteins. Consequently, this can negatively affect the end product quality (volume, texture, crumb and crust properties, and colour) that may ultimately affect lowering the consumers’ acceptability. Studies about the enrichment of the bread dough with hempseed flour agree that the addition of hempseed flour in the wheat flour significantly reduced the dough’s water absorption, stability, strength, and starch gelatinization, in a proportional manner to the level of hemp flour added as a consequence of the dilution of gluten amount in the dough [166,169,170]. Pojić and colleagues [166], and Švec and others [169] found that the decrease in the water absorption of the bread dough had a negative impact also on the time required for dough development, but nevertheless, the dough’s stability and strength were not significantly affected by the addition of up to 10% of hempseed flour. Pojic and others [166] also noted that the increase in the hempseed flour content up to 20%, negatively affected both the dough’s stability and strength.