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seed descrition of butterfly weed trumpet creeper

This perennial will give you flowers and attract swarms of hummingbirds all summer, but you’ll need to watch that it doesn’t take over your yard.

Trumpet vines are resistant to almost all diseases and pests. But it can be a pest itself if it takes over the yard. Here are two ways to kill trumpet vines without resorting to herbicide:

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You overfertilized it. Unlike most plants, too much fertilizer will keep it from flowering. It’s unhappy if you overdose it with nitrogen. Also, why are you fertilizing a trumpet vine?

Photo by: Shutterstock/Siriwat Chamnanyoch

Pruning: Did we mention you need to prune these guys? It’s nigh impossible to overprune a trumpet vine. It’s so vigorous a grower it always comes back. Early in spring before new growth appears, cut the plant nearly to the ground, because aggressive pruning is the only way to keep it from taking over your yard.

Life cycle: Perennial
Growth Habit: A woody vine that can form a smalll shrub without support for the aerial roots.
Propagation: Root sprouts, seeds, stems
Leaf Margin: Entire
Leaf Hairs: None
Leaf Structure: Coursely toothed made up of 7-15 leaflets
Leaf Arrangement: Opposite compound shiny leaves with two leaves per node
Root Type: Deep, large fibrous root system and aerial roots
Flower Color: Orange trumpet shaped at the end of the branches.

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