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seed and weed fertiliaer

You could also water beneficial nematodes into the soil over the next month if you decide to try and work with your current turf; these microscopic predators will wipe out your grubs.

D.C. lawns: Is the issue timing? Or moss?

Two inches of yard waste compost, like Maryland’s wonderful Leaf Gro product, looks great. The rich black color really sets off your plantings. And it prevents weeds just as well as two inches of wood.

I never say not to mulch, ladies. I only warn our beloved listeners not to use the trashy wood (and bark and root) mulches that stain homes and cars and injure plants. Those mulches are a waste disposal problem, not a good garden idea.

Good for you, Jennifer! The natural bacteria in pea and bean inoculant (sold wherever you buy the seeds) allows these legume-family members to take their own plant-feeding nitrogen right out of the air. And yes, there’s still time to give this all-natural edge to your spring peas.

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What can I use instead of mulch?

The added bonus is that while it eliminates weeds, your weed and feed fertilizer will nourish your grass, strengthening its roots and providing it with much-needed nutrients. To help you weed through all of the weed and feed fertilizers available in 2021, this comprehensive guide includes in-depth reviews on the absolute best weed and feed fertilizers on the market.

Made with all-natural and organic ingredients, this organic weed preventer is completely safe to use on your property. It’s easy to use, though perhaps not as easy as using a push spreader. Simply apply it to your yard twice a year to keep weeds from growing.

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When you consult Backyard Boss you’re getting answers from the best about the best products available. For every guide we write, we conduct countless hours of research, weeding through all of the industry’s top-rated products to deliver you in-depth, informative reviews and buyer tips.

For pure ease of application and effectiveness, my vote has to go to the Spectracide Weed & Feed. With no need for any additional tools, aside from a garden hose, and with the ability to kill off a very large number of weeds while still feeding your grass, this is a great product.

We looked for weed and feed fertilizers that would suit a variety of purposes. Because of this, we picked some options that eliminate existing weeds and some that would prevent weeds.