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runtz weed seeds

Find authentic Runtz seeds and other crosses of it below. We connect you with only the best weed seeds from reputable breeders. Buying the Runtz seeds on other websites without any reputation is a risk of buying fakes.

We have the White Runtz strain available from the breeder Anesia seeds. However, it’s the same exact genetics as the regular Runtz strain. Consider these Runtz seeds just another version of the original strain. A single White Runtz seed retails on our website currently for $13.79. This is the perfect example of a super hard to acquire genetics that makes us such a valuable seed bank.

Taste Budz Breeder Company

Although the exact name is Bubble Runtz, its lineage is true to the original strain. It comes from Tastebudz, a woman owned marijuana breeding company, and she focuses on creating the most exotic flavor strains. This company has been around for 3 decades, and they have many current trending strains in California. Besides bringing us the Runtz seeds, they also have an array of popular strains from the Bay Area and LA. They have Peanut butter breath seeds, Gelonade, Purple Punch auto flower seeds, and many more super exotic strains. Buy Runtz seeds from TasteBuz seed bank for $11.37.

The Runtz strain is a magnificent looking cannabis plant, and it has light purple buds frosted with trichomes. This marijuana strain made a name for itself and original breeder. Credit goes out to the rapper Young LB, he made a deal with Cookies and the rest is history. He now pushes his other cannabis line known as Jokes Up. The official Runtz Instagram page has over 200,000 followers. If you want a little piece of weed history from California, the Runtz seeds are a must have for any collector. These are considered super rare marijuana seeds right now.

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Barneys Farm Runtz Muffin is the result of the diligent amalgamation of Zkittlez x Gelato, this gratifying Cookies descendant will delight you with her remarkable flavours and potent, balanced nature.The lab then delicately fused our Orange punch to not only increase the indica % but adding significant production benefits.

Discover delightful aromas ripped straight from your childhood sweet shop – often hints of orange marzipan can be found developing during late flower. A multitude of tasty terpenes make this strawberry delight a wonderful growing experience for any level of gardener. Subtle purple and deep green hues can be found on the finished buds, a real joy to behold, glinting like the crown jewels. Heights of up to 2 metres can be expected outdoors whereas indoors this delicacy will finish at around 110-120cm after a 4 week veg period.


Experiencing this delicacy is like being wrapped up in a sweet smelling blanket of perfumed lavender bliss with a faint twist of clementine. Dense, smouldering smoke delivers a fruity hit of joy and euphoria that stretches throughout your day. Bathe away your worries and strife in a sumptuous sea of fruity flavours, buds literally dripping in an intoxicating syrup pushing the needle to a prodigious 29% THC.

This balanced and saucy hybrid will quickly deliver you to another flabbergasting level of relaxation, shattering any mental tensions and ensures that you can carry on through your day, protected from any worries by a glimmering ring of staggering positivity. Runtz Muffin allows you to explore and feel in whole new ways, calming your thoughts into peaceful and philosophical dreams that subdue your mind into the state of a beautiful mountain stream, bubbling gently in the shimmering sunlight.