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Previously the Gorilla Glue was only for sale in the United States, now this enormously strong hybrid is also available in the Netherlands. The THC values sometimes exceed 25%, with that you will experience a very powerful high, you will feel incredibly relaxed and the feeling that comes over you is perfectly balanced. The powerful properties also make the Royal Gorilla suitable for medical use, for example for chronic pain.

The results were nothing less than astonishing; THC averaged 24% to 26% with peaks in phenotypes up to 30%. These are figures we have never seen before, so very impressive results. Because this strain produces an enormous amount of resin, the growers got stuck with this sticky resin so they stuck to everything. That would be the origin of the name “Gorilla Glue”. In addition, Royal Gorilla also fits perfectly with the deep and relaxing body stone that you will feel, you stick to the couch as it were, with a high that will give you a euphoric feeling for a sophisticated balance.

Gorilla glue seeds

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There are Royal Gorilla types that score very well with a THC content of 24% to 26%, there are even phenotypes that can achieve even higher percentages if cultivated properly. The effect is extremely powerful with a wonderful relaxing feeling. You will completely relax and all tension will disappear. The unique aspect of the Royal Gorilla high is the balance between relaxation and a high that will make you feel intensely happy. Thanks to the potential of Gorilla Glue, this species is extremely suitable for medical use, especially in chronic pain, good results have already been achieved.

When you go for huge harvests the Royal Gorilla is not the first choice, the yield is no more than average, it’s really about the quality of the buds. The Royal Gorilla seeds can be grown indoors as well as outdoors, the remarkably large buds produce beautiful leaves with a lime green colour. The considerable production of resin ensures that the leaves are covered with many trichomes that sparkle in the sunlight.

Don’t be surprised when Royal Gorilla Automatic yields upwards of 400g/m 2 indoors or 170g/plant outdoors. She loves the sun, so make sure to plant her in an area that receives full light, or under at least 600-watts of HPS lighting indoors.

Her growth structure makes her the ideal candidate for both the sea of green (SoG) method or the screen of green (SCRoG) technique. She responds well to cropping, and she’ll produce shoot after shoot for massive bud production.

Possibly the best cannabis strain available in recent history, the feminized Royal Gorilla Automatic is derived from the ultra potent Gorilla, Cookies, and Ruderalis. This dangerous love triangle pumps top shelf buds with ease in no time. This is for the grower that refuses to smoke anything less than breathtaking.

Royal Gorilla Automatic – A Potent Love Triangle

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There are key aspects that you need to consider when growing Royal Gorilla Automatic seeds. First, make sure you have a heavy duty carbon filter to scrub the air clean from this pungent flower.

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