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rhino weed seeds

Many users experience the effect of White Rhino as pleasant, relaxing and soporific. But as with all THC-rich strains, caution is urged for users with no tolerance.

White Rhino Regular by White Label delivers just what’s wanted: an earthquake-like body stone coupled with XXL yields. No wonder when you think that this is a further development of White Widow. Ready for the next generation?

Just as Super Skunk carried on the Skunk #1 success story, White Rhino Regular by White Label is heading for new shores. The aim was clear from the outset: to increase the resin production of White Widow without compromising on the potency.

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White Rhino Regular by White Label growth pattern

Whether Screen of Green (SCROG), Sea of Green (SOG) or Lollipopping: special growing and pruning techniques sit in perfect harmony with White Rhino Regular by White Label.

Effect, flavour and smell of White Rhino Regular by White Label

As might be expected from a strain with 90% indica, the plants remain very compact during the flowering phase. They have only an average height gain, and flower quickly; indoors after around 45 to 60 days, and outdoors at the end of October. You can expect densely packed buds with white and orange pistils.

This strain belongs to the indica family with only 10% sativa (90/10). White Rhino is every grower’s dream as it typically produces high yields when grown both indoors and outdoors. There’s nothing worse than slaving over your marijuana plants only to receive a low amount of product. With White Rhino, you can expect up to 900 grams per sq. m. indoors — and even higher quantities (around 1,200) outdoors. That’s a lot of weed.

It’s every grower’s dream to work with White Rhino Autoflowering marijuana seeds. This indica comes with impressive yields that reward both indoor and outdoor growing. Expect to feel happy, stress-free, and deeply relaxed.

In the marijuana world, there are many different colors rhinos running around in the wild. But here’s why you should pick White Rihno marijuana seeds specifically. First of all, these seeds are considered award-winners having taken second place of the High Times Cannabis Cup in 1996. Sure, that feels like a long time ago, but there’s a reason why White Rhino is still so popular these days.


White Rhino is more often smoked in the evening as a way to relax and unwind. The experience starts with a gentle head rush that can uplift your mood, relieve stress, and stimulate your appetite. The second wave of White Rhino is deeply relaxing and sedating. Be careful not to over-smoke this stuff as it may lead to paranoia or a headache.