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Similar to the phrases used for quality, some weed terms are commonly used as short-hand language for quantities of weed.

Different cultures have different slang for cannabis. Photo by: Gina Coleman/Weedmaps

The cannabis plant has been used for centuries for medicinal, religious, and recreational purposes. It’s also been outlawed, demonized, and railed against in societies across the globe. The nature of being so many things to so many people inherently leads to a lot of names. Add to that the occasional need to be covert and the infinite creativity of weed lovers and you get even more terms.


Some of these come from pop culture and others are just stoners having fun:

There are many reasons for the different slang terms for marijuana around the world. One is simply language. Whether it’s a current translation or the fact that weed has migrated from country to country, what’s weed in the US may be ganja in India and other Hindi-speaking areas.

At least some of the slang terms for cannabis come from consumers developing short-hand language to refer to weed’s quality. In the market’s not-so-distant past, quality may have been conflated with THC levels but today’s cannasseur knows there’s more to quality bud than just a THC percentage.

High-quality weed. Some terms for high-quality weed include top-shelf, loud, chronic, kind, headies, fire, or piff. Dank is also a popular term for top-notch cannabis that has a rich smell of damp earth.

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