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Edit: Can someone also clarify for me? I know you can have 6 mature plants, but then the laws say you can only possess 8oz of MJ at their residence. I read that 1 plant can yield 5 to 15 oz, so what happens it your plants yield more than 8oz?

Edit 2: Thank you everyone for all your helpful input and for answering my stupid questions 💕

In the end what matters the most is light intensity as measured in PAR / PPF / PPFD and duration to create a daily light integral (DLI), and maybe having a broad spectrum light whose spectrum fits mostly in the 400 – 700nm region

For those that want a more detailed explanation:

The best PAR sensors, used in greenhouses, research and by hobbyists that can spend $300+ on it, would give equal weight to all photons between 400 to 700 and ignore everything outside of that range

I see newbies to plant lighting posting all the time "plants only needed red and blue light for best growth . white light is inefficient". I also see a ton of blue and red ("blurple") lights being sold on Amazon and people using them to grow things indoors. Even I used one two years ago before I knew any better.

We know of the average photosynthetic response of plants to different wavelengths of light (McCree curve) but this does NOT tell us of the plants actual light wavelength requirements or the ideal plant lighting profile

Different plants have different lighting requirements, even different varieties of the same plant will have different requirements; for example red leaf lettuce sometimes needs light in the UV spectrum to actually turn red, another example is some potato cultivars do well with 24 lighting, others do very poorly

The best measure of plant specific light intensity we have is photosynthetically active radiation (PAR), which is measured as total radiation energy between 400 to 700 nm, this is the gold standard used in all horticultural research papers that I've read