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reddit best weed seed websites

omg i visit this shop frequently, didn't know he had a website

Another point. Might actually be better if you don't own the land.

I went into THAT shop in Glastonbury, and the guy was selling seeds that he said are good for outdoors at a low price. They are called "Avalon" something and were more expensive online.

Attitude seedbank are the best!

I am going to give my green thumb a go. I own a few acres of protected land in the middle of no where. So I thought I'd give growing a shot. Anyone know where I can buy seeds that is trusted and safe?

Any experience with seedsman? you can order online or the shop is located in Harrow, the guy who runs it is sound he'd be happy to help I'm sure

Update! Placed my order on truenorthseedbank when they had 50% off. great deal. Seeds arrived today thanks for the advice.

No feminized seeds, but they have awesome genetics.

jahseeds is very well recommended, mostly feminized photoperiods, but they've been sold out and backordered since legalization

Has anyone tried canuk seeds genetics?

I'm growing some true north seeds right now. The White Widow x Big Bud is doing great so far.

Yes The GG#4 and Blueberry both worked great for me

Well respected in the community and his seeds are cheap