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rained after weed and seed

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Before applying the weed and feed, make a point of checking the weather forecast. The last thing you would want is to have all your chemicals washed in the drain and leave the weed getting longer.

These chemicals are harmful and could have severe environmental side effects if not properly handled.

Weed & feed are more effective when applied when the weeds are actively growing. You should also choose a time when you don’t expect additional rain in the next two or three days.

Applying the Weed & Feed after the Rain

Weed and feed are lawn chemical products that are designed to strengthen the ability of your lawn to absorb water and nutrients that will promote its growth.

If you were planning to spray your lawn after the rains, then it is recommendable to wait until the grass blades are dry. You should also ensure that the soil has sufficient moisture.

I often get questions on whether it is advisable to use weed and feed before the rain, from both garden lovers and lawn care providers, and the answer to this question can be understood by illustrating the relation between rain and these chemical products.

Although different weed & feed products will have varying nutrient quantity, they are all rich in nitrogen to boost the growth.