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putting weed seeds in a paper towel

So, which one is better? It is pretty hard to tell because there are rare cases that marijuana seeds won’t sprout in a soiled setting, however, using the paper towel method is easier and more effective.

Marijuana seeds are unpredictable and you can’t expect it to fully germinate every time. That is why there are various methods to successfully germinate these seeds. One of them is using a paper towel. It may sound unusual; however, this is one of the best ways to germinate marijuana seeds.

Step 3: Add the seeds and the water.

Now, this is needed if you are germinating strains at the same time. You have to label the paper towels before you soak them with water so that you can determine what strains are on this site and on that side of the plate. If you are just germinating one strain, there is no need for you to label it, unless you like to.

If you have a heating mat, you should plug it in to warm it up quickly. It is best to put it under the plates that will directly provide enough heat for the seeds to start germinating. Be careful though because there are instances that the temperature gets too high and it cooks the seed instead of letting it germinate. So, make sure you maintain the temperature, not above 30-degree Celsius. If you’re not too confident of placing the plate directly on the heating mat, you can use a towel or a piece of cloth that is thick enough to prevent the plate from overheating.

First, you need to gather supplies, so check the complete list of supplies needed below:

This Critical Purple Kush seed took an extra day to germinate compared to the other seeds. I gave it one more day after this so the root could get longer before I put in a Rapid Rooter.

Rapid Rooters (note: extra Rapid Rooters can be stored in a cool place for future grows)

4.) Cover with 1 Sheet of Paper Towel

Cheap paper towels (don’t use the expensive cloth-like ones!)

Put a single sheet of paper towel on top. With just one sheet you will be able to see whether the seeds have germinated without having to disturb them. You may need to add a little extra water so that the top sheet is moist all the way through.

Ensure paper towels don’t dry out. You may have to add more water occasionally to keep them wet. You can usually tell when the seeds have germinated without looking under the top sheet. This means you can check on your seeds regularly without disturbing them by picking up the top plate.