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purple seeded lawn weed identification

Natural control methods include mulching over the area and mowing your grass at a higher level. There are both natural and chemical applications for clover growth.

Ensure that when you pull this weed from the ground that you do not leave any living piece of its root system in the soil because it can regenerate.

Common Chickweed

Some organic alternatives include the use of vinegar or a solution made with dish soap that you can spray onto these lawn weeds.

In lawns and gardens, the perennial weed is a problem because its low growth habit makes it resistant to mowing and the leaves are resilient to traffic.

Some weeds grow taller than others, but it doesn’t make them any less bothersome. So, besides the weeds you find growing nearer the surface of your lawn, we’ll also detail lawn and garden weeds that grow a bit taller before their flowers bloom.

Henbit Lamium amplexicuale L. is a member of the mint family. Square stems and purple to pink trumpet-shaped flowers that bloom in the spring. Prefers moist fertile soils.

Broadleaf Plantain Plantago major Broadleaf Plantains can be found in thin lawns that need to be fertilized. Characterized by rosettes of rounded leaves and short seed spikes.

The guide is divided into three weed groups – broadleaf lawn weeds, grass weeds, and grass-like weeds – and then into sub-groups based on the plant’s life cycle.

Winter Annual Weeds

The presence of certain weeds are indicators of possible problems with your lawn. For example, prostrate knotweed grows and thrives in hard, compacted soils. Other weeds indicate your lawn is too wet, shady, infertile or thin. Identifying weeds and understanding how they grow will help you correct any problems with your lawn that encourage weed invasion.

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Common chickweed Stellaria media L. is a creeping winter annual with tiny star-like white flowers. It germinates in fall or late winter.

Yellow Wood Sorrel Oxalis stricta is commonly called Oxalis. Clover-like leaves, and small yellow flowers. Seed capsules resemble tiny cucumbers. A vigorous grower that thrives in fertile, warm and moist soils.