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purple haze weed seeds uk

By using feminised plants growers can get the most for their money and save a huge amount of space and effort.

For these growers, the male plants can be a nuisance as well as a waste of time and money.

Feminised seeds also tend to be higher in quality and uniformity, which is why some breeders also prefer to use them. However feminised breeding can be difficult, and should only be attempted by professional breeders.

While being a powerful strain, its effects are not overly intense and are quite manageable for newer smokers in small doses. The plants themselves are medium sized and have less stretch to them than some landrace sativas.

This will be especially apparent at night when growing temperatures drop. Purple Haze is well known for its elevating effect and amazing resin production.

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Purple Haze is a feminised strain, meaning that it will only grow into female plants. Feminised seeds are ideal for growers, who usually have no plans to breed their own crops.

The calyxes emit a purple hue, and the pistils burst from every nook. The shape of Purple Haze weed is conical and tapers off near the top.

About Purple Haze Seeds

The real beauty of Purple Haze seeds is they are easy to grow.

The Appearance of Purple Haze Weed:

The yield of the Purple Haze strain is enough to make it rain.

Type: Sativa-Dominant Hybrid
Cannabinoids: 17-20% THC
Terpenes: Humulene, Caryophyllene, Myrcene
Effects: Energetic, Creative, Relaxing
Landrace Strain: Landrace Indica x (Purple Thai x Haze)

If you want to experience the burst of creative energy and happiness that Purple Haze weed is known for — you must find real seeds. Currently, the Purple Haze strain is available in feminized and regular seeds.

• 5 Seeds – $65
• 10 Seeds – $120
• 25 Seeds – $240