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pound of weed seeds

High-quality genetics have undergone a more intensive development and research process and are therefore more expensive. From this you can conclude that expensive seeds often feature the highest quality.

The price of cannabis seeds reacts to the market functioning of supply and demand. When the demand for a strain is high and the supply is low, the price rises. You can see that for example cup winners are often more expensive than strains without prizes. Finally, the popularity of a strain plays an important role. Some species are simply more popular than others.

Prices of cannabis seeds are determined by various factors. Here you can think of:


When you buy seeds, and you choose the most expensive seeds, you can expect the highest quality. Yet the most expensive seeds are not always the best seeds. How is that possible?

On average, a single cannabis seed cost about 10 EUR – 15 EUR (12 USD – 18 USD) each.

First of all cannabis seeds have to be bred, but before they can be bred they have to be developed which starts with a lot of research and testing. These processes take years and are costly. Once the strain is stable, the seeds have to be produced. A process that is risky.

When doing research you will quickly find out that the prices of cannabis seeds differ from seedbank to seedbank and from strain to strain. But where do these price differences actually come from, and which factors determine the price of cannabis seeds? Let’s dig deeper into this matter and find out what weed seeds cost.

The bad thing about cultivating marijuana outdoors is that you could control out sunlight and other factors. But if planting goes really good, approximately, the plant will grow yields of 500 grams or about a pound of weed. Likewise, this depends upon sunlight, nutrients, size of container and water that you’ll utilize to your plants.

Supplying enough water to cannabis is essential to keep plants bud out. Compromising this will result to imbalance pH levels and nutrient deficiency which affects growth and flowering of cannabis.

A Sativa dominant cannabis strain that is often grown indoors. It gives off a pungent and sweet flavor as needed. This strain produces tall plants and is often known for its stickiness, strength, and quality.

Choosing out Genetics of Marijuana Seeds

Like any other plant, it is essential for cannabis to grow out with enough light. Light influences the budding and THC levels of the cannabis plant. That is why a lot of people uses grow lights to adjust and optimize light conditions to generate more yields of cannabis. Thus, the wattage and the type of light being use affects the flowering and budding of cannabis plants.

A Sativa dominant cannabis plant that yields tall height (up to 71 inches) and numerous buds. It generates high THC levels and has a medium amount of CBD. It has a lime-like a flavor resembling diesel for which bears its name.

So likewise, if you have eight plants with a 600 watt grow light then you’ll likely to get about 21 oz of marijuana or about 1 lbs accordingly.

This plant grows best indoors and outdoors especially in a sunny place. This produces very high THC content and likewise, generates high yields of cannabis buds. This grows up to 89 inches and has been used for relaxation curing psychological disorders like PTSD, anxiety, and depression.