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Herbicides are an important part of wildlife management and we stock nearly one hundred items in this category from all the major manufacturers in the industry. This includes ready-to-use sprays as well as concentrates that you mix yourself to provide effective control of every different type of weed found in lawns, pastures, turf grass, along roadsides and in ornamentals. From the most popular Basagran T/O to other well-recognized commercial brands such as Weed-B-Gon, Roundup and Ortho, if you’ve got weeds (and who doesn’t?) we’ve got the solution.

You’ll also find emergent herbicides to prevent weeds from appearing, colorants to help see where you’ve sprayed, special surfactants and spreader sticker (enhancer) to help with adhesion. We also stock Roundup Aquamaster Pro, specially designed for use on weeds found around bodies of water.