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planting grass seed and using ortho weed b gon

I just sprayed today, and it’s supposed to rain in 2 days (and a few days in a row). I was hoping I could toss down the grass seed tomorrow before rain, but I wasn’t sure if that’s too soon, or if it matters with this particular chemical.

I’m not concerned about getting it perfect. If 10% of the seed I put down comes up and starts to spread over the years, I’d consider that a win. Every amount above that certainly welcome, but.

Can I over-plant grass seed a day after spraying Ortho Weed B Gon? If not, how long do I need to wait (and why)?

I assume I need to remove all those wood chips before seeding for best results – is that the case?

Will this hurt forsythia if it gets on the branches or soaks into the surrounding soil?

Here is one area I’m dealing with – was a huge weed patch but I pulled the majority of them and applied roundup yesterday on part of this patch.

Re: Weed B Gon CCO Questions

How long after application can I seed?

Seeing you’re in northern NJ, it’s a bit early to seed. Wait until early to mid September to lay seed down if you don’t want keeping it alive to be your full time job from now until Labor Day.

Should I spray roundup around the forsythia base? Can roundup kill forsythia if it contacts the trunk of the plant (not the leaf)?

I have bad clover, wild violet and ground ivy problems where the pachysandra were.