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plant weed seeds redditt

Most successfully for me, a paper-towel method.

Once it germinates, do I plant it with the root down or up?

Run a paper-towel under water and then wring it out until it's just damp. Put a seed on it and fold it in half. Stick in a ziploc baggie. Place in a dark, warm environment, standing on edge. Check periodically (18-24 hours and then every 12 as needed). When the seed has popped (root tip noticeable), drop in a Jiffy peat pod or in your container of choice.

I soak the seeds until they crack open and then plant them 1cm beneath the surface of the soil.

This. Simple and highly effective.

I put the seed in water until it sank, then dumped the seed and water onto a towel on a plate and folded the towel until the root came out

The paper towel method is solid just make sure to put the paper towel in a plastic baggy and wait. And like the other guy said , tap root down.

I'm not a novice but some bud I had the other day had a couple of seeds in it and I was curious if I were to plant them and not get all of the fancy lighting and what not necessary to grow huge plants, what would happen? Like, would it still grow if I put it in a pot in the window and watered it daily? Or would it just grow as a plant with no real bud on it?

I've done this. Found the seed. Filled a big plastic cup up with dirt and put the seed in. Watered that bitch a bit and like two days later I had a sprout. It grew like a weed for a few days and mostly just grew tall. Like the stem was shooting up and up but the tiny little leaves were still infantile. I kind of thought to myself "what do I do now?". I just kept watering it and gave it all the sun I could. It was alive for another few weeks and the baby leaves were still very small but they were taking the shape of the iconic "marijuana leaf". The tall sprout was too tall and too thin too support itself and i attempted to transplant it to a bigger pot too late. It bent in half and ceased to live. I didn't know much about growing marijuana but wanted to see what would happen. And, well it went as expected.