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phillapino weed seeds

I lived there for 10 years and smoked with a lot of people and scored weed from many different sources.

I just came across "high grade" (not really) weed over there twice, and it cost 40USD a gram!


Shit, if you dont have the type of connect i that have, you can get some really waaack shit. I remember seeing mold at least once. They are compressed, dried bricks, smell like sport socks.

So i moved back to europe now and i’m learning the art of growing.
When i go back to the PI i wanna start to grow there and teach people to do it, so that the weed in that country will get a fucking upgrade!

Are there Filipino growers in this site?

The use of medical marijuana, including marijuana-based therapies, remains extremely risky, particularly in the metropolitan area of Manila, the worst affected area by police raids and extrajudicial executions linked to the war on drugs. All of this despite the public support of the Philippine Catholic Church for medical marijuana, which is no small achievement considering the trust placed in the religious institution by both the Government and the Philippine people.

And it’s too early to declare victory even this time, as the current bill has still a long way to go before its final adoption. Once the Health Committee finalises its report, it will be deliberated on for second reading, after which it will be subjected to further debates, amendments and rounds of consultations. Only if it passes all these hurdles, will it be voted upon by the House of Representatives, who will decide whether it qualifies for the third and last reading. In any case, the final say is in the hands of Duterte, who can choose to sign the bill into law or veto it for good.

Steps in the right direction

Now, however, cannabis growers and supporters point to a shortage of supply, which has led to the tripling of the average price of locally grown marijuana. Before this, cannabis was particularly widespread in the mountains of northern Luzon – a region with highly fertile land – and over time some of its towns became popular destinations among tourists with an interest in the plant. Now all of that is gone.

Thankfully, things seem to be starting to change for Philippine medical marijuana users. Bill 180 or the Compassionate Medical Cannabis Act – aimed at ensuring the right of access to medical marijuana and to expanding research on its medicinal properties – was unanimously endorsed by the Health Committee of the Philippine House of Representatives in early October. The document was accepted formally after extensive consultation with experts and target groups, such as patients, lawyers, cannabis industry professionals and groups advocating for decriminalisation.

In order to obtain the certification card, patients will have to submit their medical history and all other medically attested documentation to the Department of Health (DOH) for inspection, after which they may qualify as medical cannabis patients. Likewise, physicians will also need a special certificate allowing them to prescribe medical marijuana.