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pasture weed with large green seed pods

Because dandelion plants are difficult to control, the best way to deal with them is to make sure that they don’t show up in the first place. Preventative maintenance with proper lawn care practices is usually the best remedy for any potential lawn problem.

Mouse-ear chickweed closely resembles common chickweed because it grows in dense, low growing mats, but its growth is not as aggressive. The grey-green leaves of this perennial weed are thick and covered in fine hairs.

Weed Control Methods

If you don’t have the time or inclination for the natural route, you can always break out the herbicide to deal with your sunflower invasion.

If you notice a small number of these weeds growing on your lawn, you should be able to remove them by hand and be done with it.

The major problem associated with the presence of wild violets around your lawn and garden is that it is hard to control their growth. In a fairly short time, these perennials can inundate your garden.

Senna obtusifolia is a short-lived (annual or biennial) shrub growing to up to 2.5 m tall, but usually less than 2 m in height. The lower stems often sprawl along the ground in open areas.
Plants produce numerous, branched, sprawling stems that are 1.5-2 m long. These stems are usually softly hairy (pubescent) when young, but become mostly hairless (glabrescent) with age. The foliage has a slightly rank odour

Dense infestations occur north of Mackay, south-west of Ingham, and on parts of Atherton Tableland.

Senna obtusifolia is a weed of disturbed sites, waste areas, roadsides, riparian zones (banks of watercourses), floodplains, drainage channels, open woodlands, fallow land, crops and pastures in wetter tropical and subtropical environments. It usually grows as a pasture weed but is sometimes found along roads and in disturbed areas in rain forest.

Sicklepod is a vigorously growing, very competitive woody shrub which grows 1.5−2.5 m tall and 1 m wide. It is normally an annual, but plants which have been slashed or have survived chemical treatment often reshoot, flower and last for another year.