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paper towel germation weed seed

Create happy little seedlings in less than a week!

At this point, you can plant the whole Rapid Rooter. Don’t forget to label the strains!

How to Germinate via the Paper Towel Method

Cheap paper towels (don’t use the expensive cloth-like ones!)

At this point, the seedlings are ready to be put under a gentle light. A sunny window works well, though your regular vegetative grow light should be fine as long as you keep it twice the normal distance away. Avoid touching the seedlings if possible. This is when they’re most vulnerable.

Note: Move grow light down early if seedlings start getting tall with long stems. Tall, stretchy seedlings are telling you they want more light.

7. Place the pots with the marijuana seeds under a fluorescent lamp and give it a little bit of water every day.

A professionally manufactured germination station is ideal for amateurs since it provides all the necessities for germination and works efficiently and, of course, well.

2. Direct germination

If the seeds are excellent, they start off by floating in the slightly warm water but sink with time. The reason for using a clear glass cup is to ensure that you may keep in pace with how the seeds germinate. Should you see a white tendril, then rest assured that your marijuana seeds have germinated!

The best thing we like about the direct germination of the pot is that there is no reason to worry about the hassle you meet when the time for transplanting comes. Substantially, this method listed on our how to germinate cannabis seeds guide works across every other growing medium, but the difficulty may vary.

A germination station is affordable, and the grower doesn’t have to break the bank to have their tool. However, if you are genuinely on a tight budget and are convinced that going the DIY way is possible from your side, then it could be a breeze to make one.