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If you have paid by credit card or cash, then you would have to wait until they receive the payment on their end.

All of the seeds pacific seed bank sells are quality tests and inspected by hand by their team of experts. Their seeds are some of the best quality marijuana seeds that you can find on the market.

On April 29, 2020, I mailed a USPS Money Order to Pacific Seed Bank for a small (9 seeds) order. At that time I had no negative information about them so I patiently waited for almost three weeks before I contacted them. I was told it was coming soon and they gave me a USPS tracking number. When I checked it, I saw it hadn’t been received by the USPS yet. So several days later I contacted them again and this time I was told it was on the vehicle going to the USPS. I waited nearly a week and checked the tracking number again. It still showed the USPS had not received the package yet. Almost a month had almost passed, I contacted the PSB again. This time I was told it was at the USPS. NO, IT WASN’T AND AS OF THIS DATE STILL, HASN’T BEEN. After a full month, I gave up and made a 30-minute drive to Lake Tahoe to the dispensary there and bought seeds I could have got a month earlier had PSB not been such an obvious scam, mail, and electronic fraud operation. I demanded a refund but (not surprisingly) never heard back from them. Today = June 1, 2020

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You can find seeds from many different famous brands, which include brands like grower’s lab seeds, Willits family farm, Mendocino farms, DNA crew, norcal farms, coastal genetics, dutchman seeds, and so many more.

Pacific seeds bank is situated in Spain. They have their headquarters in Barcelona and all their main business is done from there.

Pacific seed bank ships cannabis seeds all over the world. Although it would be wise to check your local laws before you order any seeds.

All of the orders that are sent out from pacific seed banks have their own tracking numbers. After completing the order, you will be sent a tracking number on your email, which can be used to track the parcel when it is in transit.

Easy, good experience, both times. Shipping took a few weeks, but customer service responded quickly and the quality of the product has been excellent. I have not a single complaint and will use again.

We are sorry to hear that your order has not yet processed. We are now investigating the matter with your payment and and any correspondence will be emailed to you or you will be reached by phone from one of our specialists. For any further questions or concerns please give us a call at 1-844-480-SEED (7333).

Pacific Seed Bank

these people are complete thieves do…

Just checked my mail today and I can confirm that I have received my order. Opened it up and it was nicely packaged. Def pros!

We are sorry to hear about your recent results. We stand by our product and offer a 90% Germination Guarantee in cases like these. Please forward your request along with photos and a short description of the germination process you completed to [email protected] for further assistance.

On January 4,2021 I ordered 8 feminized photo and 3 feminized auto's. Unknown to me, They sent me all autos which Really messed up my grow. Nothing on packaging that indicated if auto or photo. Hell, I am not even sure if I even got the strains I ordered. Emailed them with no explanation on their part. Beware.

We are happy to hear that you have received your order. Please use coupon HEYTHANKS during checkout on your next order to receive an amazing 15% Off on your next purchase with us.