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over watering weed seeds

Underwatering or overwatering plants is by far one of the easiest mistakes to make when growing weed. The symptoms of doing either are quite similar in that you’ll notice leaves beginning to droop and a general ill and wilted look to your plants. This guide will explain how to identify signs of both underwatering and overwatering, and how to remedy them.

Common symptoms of overwatering cannabis plants include drooping of the leaves directly after watering and yellowing of leaves if the problem persists.


Even if you know how to manage water-related issues, you still need to establish the best time to water cannabis plants. Timing goes hand in hand with the techniques listed above, varying according to the seedling, vegetative, and flowering stages.

To maximise nutrient uptake, aim for 10–20% runoff every time you water. Adopting this approach at an early stage should keep pH fluctuations to a minimum. However, it is especially vital if you are increasing nutrient concentrations for any reason (bloom boosters during flowering, for example).

Watering cannabis is a balancing act. Too much and you risk root rot, too little and your plant will dry out. Use these tips to fix any issues with overwatering and underwatering.

If you’re growing in regular plastic containers make sure there are enough drainage holes on the bottom to allow for good water drainage, if there aren’t enough, you can drill them by yourself. Now, if you’re using fabric pots or air pots, make sure you don’t leave the runoff sitting in the saucer so the substrate doesn’t absorb the water back in.

And last, make sure you are watering according to your plant’s size and not the size of the pot; Most beginners growing in bigger pots usually water a lot due to thinking the plant needs more water but despite being in a big pot, if your plant is in the seedling stage it will need less water than when flowering, even if it’s in a 20L pot, so make sure you water accordingly.

Use the correct medium

First of all, allow the growing medium to dry a little bit between waterings, as a guideline, you should only water when the growing medium is around 60-70% dry, this can be hard to know if you don’t have a soil moisture sensor so we recommend lifting the pot before and after watering so you get an idea of the weight of the pot and know when to water; You can also stick your finger in the growing medium and if it’s moist you can go ahead and water.

Underwatering is not very common amongst growers but can occur when the medium doesn’t retain water well or the temperature is too high, evaporating water fast.

Overwatering is common amongst new growers, this occurs when watering in excess or a combination of too much water and poor drainage or poor growing conditions.