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“This strain is by far the best for my style of growing. I veg indoors under led lights finishing them outdoors in my green house. Frisian Dew grows fast and finishes fast. It has good mold resistance and great bag appeal most of the bud are quite dense. And half the plants will turn purple without a cold snap.”

“I grow under the netting to give some protection from the insects it works really well. Also the sun in the summer is so strong, the mesh gives 30% shade this helps to keep them happy.”

Comments from grower Aussie Alex

“I grew 25 plants and made 40 pounds (18 Kg) of dry product – beautiful nugs. I veg them for 9 weeks indoors then finish them in my green house right on 7weeks nice and fast. I grow only in coco its the only way for me. I used Dutch Fest coco nutrients and cal-mag (Calcium & Magnesium supplement) and a PK booster.”

This weeks blog is about a Frisian Dew Australian outdoor grow by a grower who is specialized in growing Frisian Dew outdoors. He used mesh netting to provide some shade from the intense Australian sun.

Frisian Dew is a heavy yielding outdoor cannabis variety, Aussie Alex got around 18Kg from 25 plants using his system. Aussie Alex finds that growing in coco fibre allows rapid growth and heavy blooms. Using the white mesh screening also helped the plants by giving them just enough shade to protect them from the extreme heat that can be experienced in Australia.

Without further ado — let’s begin!

In January 2020, the ACT became the first Australian region to legalize recreational marijuana use and possession. However, it is illegal to use, grow, or possess cannabis seeds in public places within the ACT. Selling or distributing marijuana (which includes sharing your stash with a friend) and driving with any trace of cannabis in your system are also illegal.

When to Sprout Marijuana Seeds in Australia

Known for its remarkable potency, resilience in hot and dry climates, and resistance to mold, Jack Herer is a must-have seed strain when growing in Australia’s outback.

Perfect for Australia’s hot and dry summer, Critical feminized seeds grow tall and finish flowering within 10-weeks. Huge buds, extreme resin coverage, and ease-of-growth beckon Australian cannabis cultivators of all skill levels.

By purchasing marijuana seeds from a tried-and-true seed bank in Australia, you’ll find weed seeds with: