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orange sherbet weed seeds

Her buds are encrusted with trichomes giving her a totally white appearance, and the calyx are large-sized making her buds look stacked. The buds have a very distinct tangerine, orange fruity aroma with a sharp sour, sherbet background, and when handled are highly resinous.

After tasting Orange Sherbet Auto, you will feel her sativa dominance and potency as she keeps you in orbit for hours on end. Absolutely delicious flavors and an effect that can be described as uplifting, exhilarating, deeply creative and motivated. This cultivar is perfect for social scenarios, dinner parties, days at the beach, a long hike, getting through a long to-do list or just playing music, gaming or reading.

One of our taller hybrids that can grow between 110-150cm, so is best suited for those with plenty of growing space. Thanks to her sativa heritage, expect this lady to grow quickly with large sized internodal spacing and a wide bushy appearance. Yields of 500-600gr/m2 can be expected, so we advise supporting her during the blooming period. An incredible producer of extremely resinous flowers, that performs well in all climates, but especially in warmer ones. She will grow large-sized buds, with prolific amounts of resin on the surrounding leaves, that will have hash makers licking their lips in anticipation.

After 60–70 days of flowering, this strain will produce dense orange and purple flowers. It is one of the easiest plants to grow from Barney’s Farm, so even beginner growers can experience this fruit cocktail. The plant will reach a stature of around 100–130cm and develop huge colas that carry delicious buds. Since the buds are so fat and heavy, the side branches could use a little support in the last few weeks of flowering.

Being indica-dominant, Orange Sherbert delivers that typical indica high, relaxing both body and mind. You should smoke this strain if you want to just chill and be transported to a peaceful place. But don’t get fooled, the effect is still very powerful.

Orange Sherbert is a delicious three-way cross of Orange Cream, Purple Urkle, and Cherry Pie. As this combination implies, you can expect a fruity flavour explosion from Orange Sherbert! Genetically, this strain is indica-dominant and an all-American girl; all three of her parent strains are US classics.

Barney’s Farm – Orange Sherbert: Invigorating And Mouth-Watering Hybrid

The powerful indica-dominant hybrid Orange Sherbert from Barney’s Farm delivers intoxicating effects alongside an incredibly delicious flavour that is so orangey, you will think you’re basking in the orange groves of Italy! Plus, this cannabis is just beautiful to look at in the grow room and combines three US favourites into one mouth-watering fruit explosion.

But where this strain really shines is the aroma and flavour side of things. The aroma is just straight orange. The taste carries on this trait with an even deeper orange flavour, topped off with a little candy sweetness.