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onyx weed seeds

Brandishing very large long leaves and berry scented buds, she is a very fragrant and aesthetically pleasing plant. As aforementioned Onyx Auto is a very resilient and vigorous grower, making he an ideal choice for intrepid first-time growers. In terms of her stone, users can expect to be greeted by a powerful but relaxing wave. This full blown tidal wave hits with energetic effect, inducing an overall body and mind recharge. Amazing when shared among friends, Onyx Auto will have you chatting for hours on end.

An irresistible autoflowering specimen with a highly resistant nature, Flash Auto Seeds’ Onyx Auto is as strong as she is sweet. The result of crossing AK47, White Russian and a handful of Nepalese strains, Onyx Auto emerges as an incredibly productive and potent auto flower.

A floral fighter of a plant, Onyx Auto from Flash Auto Seeds puts up a strong fight against pesky pests. Not only a resilient warrior, the feminized favorite is also an incredible pot provider; harboring a treasure trove mouth watering flavors and fragrant aromas. Capable of being grown indoor or out, she develops long, lavish flowers that flaunt a berry-soaked aroma.

Onyx Auto (Flash Auto Seeds) feminized

Height wise Onyx Auto measures up at a rather compact 60-120cm. In no way is this a negative trait, in fact a resounding positive for guerrilla growers looking for a stealth strain to cultivate indoors. Chugging along at a moderate pace Onyx Auto matures in 75-85 days from seed – yielding in the region of 50-110g (per plant) of top notch cannabis come harvest time.

Lovers of berry flavored bud are in for a real treat with Onyx Auto, her deep, rich and authentic aroma coupled with her lavish taste put her at the top of any cannabis connoisseur’s list.

This cannabis strain derives from mixing AK-47, White Russian, and a couple of Nepalese strains. The berry scents are evident after taking a whiff of this cultivar. Onyx Autoflowering mixes sativa, indica, and ruderalis genetics. Together, they induce all kinds of highs; anything from relaxing to energetic sensations can be experienced with this one. The THC levels hit around 19%.

Onyx Autoflowering is marketed as a super vigorous strain that is highly resistant to pests. This autoflower reaches about 60-120cm. Surprisingly, this plant can reach super tall heights outdoors. The yields amount to 200-500g/m² inside. Per plant, growers can expect around 50g of Onyx Auto buds. From seed to harvest, it takes Onyx Autoflowering 90-100 days to develop perfectly mature buds.

Onyx Autoflowering: A Powerful And Resistant Autoflower