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Rocket Seeds is a site that carries seeds from multiple different brands—including Crop King Seeds—so it offers a much bigger variety than most other seed banks. Rocket Seeds promises fair prices and top quality products with a wide range to offer.

We also love the ILGM knowledge base, a massive strain database and selection of guides that allows you to determine which cannabis seeds will work best for your grow. You can also get expert growing advice in the active forum.

What do we love about ILGM?

It is technically legal to buy cannabis seeds online and ship them to the United States if they are legal in the state or country where you’re buying them. However, importing seeds into your home state can be tricky. Be aware of your own state’s law, as the rules vary considerably.

Remember, if you are growing both males and females, aim to identify them visually early on in the flowering stage—don’t wait too long. The entire crop will be seedy once the males produce pollen. to avoid cross-pollination, retain breeding males in sealed-off places within or near the grow area.

In general, there is a 66 percent female to male growth ratio among regular marijuana seeds, so it is safe to assume you’ll grow about half and half, male and female plants with regular cannabis seeds.

We are a trusted international suppliers of top quality cannabis seeds.

Not having much experience selling cannabis seeds means that buyers can end up with duds, i.e. seeds that don’t grow. Plus the seed banks don’t offer refunds so if you’re paying upwards of $15 a seed, that’s a waste of your hard earned money. You’ll also be pretty frustrated after weeks of hard work trying to grow it.

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. and if it isn’t yet, just give us a try!

Once cannabis seeds Canada is legalized many people who never considered it because of fear of going to jail would now want to grow them. However, a lack of knowledge on the part of the seed banks will be quite apparent. Most people will have no idea what seeds to buy and how to grow them. Even information on the internet can be either incorrect or severely limited. So, many people could end up spinning their wheels but with no results.

At the moment like for many years, the only way Canadians could lawfully possess cannabis seeds was to be registered with the federal government’s special medical marijuana program. That has always been a hassle in addition to the fact that generally the Canada seed bank has been expensive. But all of that is about to change.