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mr green weed seeds

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The Mr. Green Autoflowering marijuana is a sativa dominant hybrid. When you smoke this, expect a potent mind-blowing effect. Additionally, there is enough indica DNA to deliver a relaxing physical punch. Aside from these two genetics, a strain of ruderalis DNA is also found. The ruderalis is accountable for transforming this into an autoflowering variant.

Its reinvigorating effects are complemented by a refreshing flavor and aroma. The citrus and pine aroma of this Mary Jane is not something you would mistake for something else. And when you inhale the smoke of this weed, a noticeable lemon aftertaste will tingle your buds.

Additional Information

It is not recommended to use the Mr. Green Autoflowering strain for severe conditions yet since its CBD level remains unknown. However, with its current offerings, like physical relaxation and mental clarity, it can be used to alleviate anxiety, stress, pain, and PTSD.

Other than that, there is not enough data about this weed like its breeder and lineage. But, it did not obtain its current position in the marijuana community randomly. Despite being a mystery, it will not affect the quality of the autoflowering Mr. Green cannabis in any possible way.

While the significant repercussions are undetermined yet, you should anticipate minor discomforts that are brought upon by dehydration; dry eyes and a dry mouth are the expected results. Luckily, these uncomfortable conditions can be alleviated effortlessly by keeping yourself hydrated. Drink plenty of water and apply eye drops as needed.