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mongy weed seeds

I’m always trying to curate and preserve these strains, not just create cool crosses though. In the rush to make high- THC hybrids in recent years, many unique strains and pure landraces have disappeared. I’ve been trying to track down a few more unique strains with little luck.

Im into breeding seed, especially strange varieties. I currently am working on a stable Snowryder X Ducksfoot strain (called Little Foot) that will, when it is done, reliably be webbed, autoflowering, and non- femenized- autos arent sold non- fem much anymore so I needed to breed my own automatic duck.

Has anybody ran into ABC, Dizzy, or Mongy Weed. It is some crazy stuff and is totally worth a quick google search to look at pics. Would love to get my hands on some if anybody has any information.

Sorry bout the rant.

Gday white widower i am from oz but have never seen a plant grown like that.First time i smoked indoor weed which was called skunk at the time was early 90,s.Most of the weed smoked around south east queensland before was sativas tall plants my favourite been a plant we called purple heads which when mature had long buds full of dark purple resin sacks,very nice rich flavour very strong smoke not super smooth used to get a cold shiver sometimes after bong hits haha.Other plant was grown top of rotten mangoes giving the buds a orange finish,fruity taste and as strong as the purple stuff.

When indoor was sold all year round the sativas became less avalible and sort of forgotton which is a shame cause this smoke was pure and very strong up high that would creep on you for an hour or so.When you go to this part of australia its worth searching for the sativas.

Might search the origins of australian weed might have dutch back ground who knows?